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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lots o' Glitches

 I found some more glitches, probably not really lots, but some.
My blanket wasn't on my back!
When I danced my ears went through my hat!
This only happened at ferretluv's den! The screen went black and I couldn't see anything!
Only I could see this, and Mayksufi wasn't wearing her Turkey Hat!
This only happened when I was facing upper right or upper left!

I went to someone's den, and I saw someone who knew me. I added them, and then I just walked around the den.
When I went back upstairs, someone said to another person, "Delete Fauna. Tough."
When they said fauna, I though they meant another fauna because there was another fauna in the den. But when they said tough, I wondered, "Why me? I didn't do anything to anybody!"
Were they jealous? Did I somehow say something mean? What did I do?!?!?!
Here is the person:
 Awwww man their picture didn't show! Oh well.


  1. The one with Mayksufi's wolf howling is what it does when it can't fully load.

  2. The Clover Blanket one is a common glitch, it always happens on all computers, we should tell AJ about this. Right?

  3. hi i wanted to know how u put pictures on ur blog i know how to from ur picture folder but im trying to put animal jam pictures on there and i dont know how to plz help me

  4. I looked up DYLAN33666, but he has 3 animals, but no membership! Crazy right?
    - neonspaida

    1. That means the person USED to be a member and when they were a member had 3 animals. Their membership ran out and they're animal was put in storage, i guess.


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