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Monday, April 16, 2012

"This is War"

The inside scoop of the wars of Animal Jam - and why they're bad.

   Once in a while, you hear a Jammer call out, "WAR IN MY DEN BRING WEAPONS AND ALLIES"
   Do you really know what they're doing?!?!!?!?! They're influencing fights and wars in a kid's friendly site! 
   Some of them are just "play wars" between Animal Jam "Clans", but they can get ugly, if you know what I mean.
   I was in a friend's den once, and tons of people showed up with Bows and Arrows and pretending to shoot and sit on other Jammers. Really?
   I mean you hear people saying things like, "*Bites neck* or *Bites tail* and then the other person says "*Misses*". 
   I really think that Jammers should be avoiding wars, because it just isn't right!


  1. that is very true people who fight or do war should be reported it is not a good thing some people go on animal jam and their only like 3 years old we have to stop this

    1. this is what is bad i just got a new den some of my friends i should not say some alot and some of thier friends came to my den and were fighting. i said no fights in my den and they kept doing it i do not know how it even started so i went to a diffrent den of mine and they stoped :). then i find that when i go to jamaa township there was more fighting!!! like every where i go there is fighting it seems like.


    2. and i agree with you i started aj when i was like 5 or 6 when it was you had to get your parent permision to have free chat or you had to you the words that were already there i liked it like that. everyone was nicer and nobody scammed we could accept gifts and ect. :) i miss those days.....


    3. Agreed, i almost say bad things to stop fighting, and almost in real life because i try keeping it as easy as possible, since it was hard ever since i went to kindergarten, fighting is a real thing and its not funny, i RARELY come home with even a slightest smile

  2. "Wars" (Parts like the first one are 100% sarcasm)
    Wow, so amusing, a bunch of jammers beating each other to a pulp, isnt that a-ma-zing on a kids website you are setting a wonderful example for 3 year olds!
    Ahh, have you noticed your not doing it? O-M-G thats right your typing! Wow! Not rocket science!
    Running around like chickens without heads, Oh wait. Thats cause you are. Other jammer: HONEY, I THINK I FOUND YOU HEAD! *Hits a different jammer with a pole* THERE YA GO HONEY I GOT IT FOR YA!

  3. I actually like wars

    - usmail404

  4. oh btw P.S. to Fellers: Ich libe Speck

    - usmail

  5. I hate Clans they Encourage Wars and Issues which remind us of World War

  6. Yup..A guy went into my den saying that my adopted daughter in Animal Jam did something bad then he said bites neck then i just you know fought back
    -Angelicsnow3259 (Sophia Tongco)

  7. First off, you people seriously need grammar. But seriously, wars are great. I understand why you guys don't get it. Because you're you. Clans are awesome though, and they should continue ~The one and only awesome Grandmacorinne.

  8. Okay, seriously guys, you know what's worse than clanning and wars? Adopting. Here's the thing: You probably have a perfectly good life, two parents, you're on a computer game so i'm pretty sure you can't be that poor or sick. Anyway, you go online, get fake parent(s), act helpless, cry, all that jazz, and act all childish. I mean really? Think about it, guys. ~Grandmacorinne


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