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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Feelers' Pet Peeves: "Popularity"

Hey Jammers! It's Feelers, and I really want to get this out of my mind. When Jammers think of other Jammers as "popular", I want to tear my hair out. At first, it might be the Jammers who have all the latest cool items or something, and then they act all cool like everybody loves them. Then, there would be a time when there's a Jammer who has rare items. They think that they're better than everybody else, and they say things like "No, stay away from my Rares, noob!" And yes, they do capitalize words in the middle of sentences that don't even need to be capitalized. I just dislike it. It might be a person who acts really nice, but they're actually a snobby backstabber.  Well, that's my pet peeve for today. Jam on!


  1. Hey Feelers! I've got some good news. I made a new Animal Jam blog! :D
    It's called the Animal Jan Sizzle, and the URL is www.animaljamsizzle.blogspot.com

  2. wow...... thats one of my pet peevees too. there are some rares i dont want. (tophat, NM sword, NM bat wings, legendary glove, ect ect ect)

  3. I know right! I hate it when they capitalize words! Ot dosent mean anything, why do they need to do it. Its just extra work :D

    1. Actually I do That A lot. I mean It. See. I do it More then What you think I do everyday. I'm already Used to it That I keep On Using Caps. So Yes. I do It a Lot. See.


  4. =( My poet peeves are! : When people say like Fatty unrare *****. And be totally mean and Be mean to people. 2: When people say *swishes tail in face nn* and people reply, CLAWS HEART OUT NN* I mean standing as a wolf doesn't do nothing -.- 3: and how people say *is baby needs adopting has broken neck* and dress up as a cute baby its notcurte =-= 4: people scamming, hacking, bullying, -.- 5: when people do the sad emote and say'' IM GOING TO DEED WITHOUT YOU GLOVE YOU BULLY! 6: Datingg, People are desprate and pretend to kiss, Its discusting 7: anyone bullying, hacking, scamming, dating, Clawing, hitting, pushing, kicking, And i'll add more some day goodbye!!

    1. Totally agree on the "is baby needing adopting" thing...that gets old fast.

      What they really mean is "need a rich member slave to buy me stuff and cater to my every need or else I'll do the watery eyed face on you while you're trying to enjoy the game.

    2. i agree-.- lots of girls ask me out; like 5 a day. -.- its gross... they all ask" are you taken?" and stuff like that
      ~kkloy2(thats my user btw)

  5. Thanks for agreeing guys, I totally respect feelers for telling those 2 posts Btw i think i may add you, (p.s my blog is animal jam kick u know the url u put in mine is darkchilda! =).)

  6. I know how you feel Feelers. I don't like popular snoobs in real life and in AJ. They look on the outside, not the inside. What if all their popularity was taken away from them (they'll probably become drama queens)? Popularity doesn't last forever. There's this one girl (in real life) she called me and my friends "dumb". It hurts =|


  7. I know how you feel Feelers. You know, popularity doesn't last too long. If you are popular and bully ppl, what if your the person who is getting hurt. Sad isn't it? I once got bullied by 2 guys. They put anything on my head and on my desk also there is this girl back when i was in 3rd grade, she thought she was so popular. She started calling me and my friends "dumb". Sad isn't it.


  8. i know its just SO annoying thinking that there so much cooler on animal jam then they are in real life so they pick on others cause say someone wants different color scarf (seen this soo much) you ask them and something the doesnt really need to be rare maybe something like a different color glove or a nice plushie but i have seen member ( sorry members who are nice but there are others out there...) say they want a wood floor or somthing really rare its just has to stop cant member be nice to people whos parents say no to membership gosh.. ~prettyflowers23

  9. This isn't really about the post u made but when are u or aqua dachshund gonna post again???

  10. Actually,
    Not all "popular" people are bad.
    See, i thought that was northernking and southernking and so on,
    but it turns out they are popular for helping people our of scam losses.
    For example, my friend, who lost all of her 3 pirate swords (purple, blue, and black), was given a worn from SouthernKing to help recover!
    Isn't that nice?

  11. .......................

  12. The book Blubber by Judy Blume talks about bullying AND popularity.

    ~papad91278 the 4th news crew member


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