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Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Carnival Tip: Phantom Ball

A quick tip on Phantom Ball in the Summer Carnival

 In Phantom Ball, the object of the game is getting a ball in the highest scoring goals, or the glowing goals. Here is a tip for getting in the corner 250 Points goal.

First, here is a little show of the arrow for the point goals:

Position the arrow so it looks something like this:
Make it so that the arrow is pointing at the 250 goal, and make the yellow part stop near the top, but not all the way, or it will go too high.

You can also position the arrow like this:
If you position it so the arrow points to the side on which the 250 goal lies, and you make the yellow stop at the right time, then the ball will bounce off the side and into the 250 goal.


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