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Friday, June 8, 2012

June Update #1!

The very first June Update is here, along with the Summer Carnival!

Tooooooooooooooo start us off, the Summer Carnival is finally here! Here are the highlights:

When you go to the Summer Carnival for the first time, you'll get 500 free tickets!

When you want to get there, just click "My Parties" and it will always be there!

Here are the necklaces you can trade for with tickets:

And here are the plushies you can trade in your tickets for: (I don't like how the big ones are for members only. I mean it's a Carnival!)

If you ever want to see how many tickets you have, just hover over your gems, and it will also say how many tickets you currently have!

You can also print out fun Animal Jam activities from your computer!

And obviously, there are games to win tickets, and if you get over the high score on a game, you get 350 tickets!

There is also a delicious Cotton Candy Machine!

You can also get the Phantom Cotton Candy Buddy by going through the Cotton Candy Maker in this order:
  1. Click any cone
  2. Choose the Black Flavoring
  3. Choose the White Flavoring
  4. Choose the Black Flavoring again
  5. Enjoy eating a Cotton Candy Phantom!
It will now have the face of a Phantom!

Now here are the actual updates!

First, all of the clothing items have a 3-Dimensional look to them (not the den items yet). Maybe this means that some parts of Animal Jam will have a 3-D look to it!

It looks kinda weird for some of the items....

Also, you can now get Hummingbird pets with an Animal Jam Certificate from Animal Jam Outfitters! I really wish I could get one!

I also noticed this new note....I was being asked a question by GreenLeafs, and I answered by saying: "The clear answer is on the FAQ page on my blog!", and then this note popped up:

I was supposedly being "inappropriate, when I didn't say anything bad! But when you say something that AJ HQ thinks is "bad", then that sign will show up on your screen for about 10 seconds, and disappear....


  1. I got a score of 45070 on phantom wack and 250 ticket's!! Go me!! I got 265 Ticket's on phantom ball!! I love summer carnival! Sonicbeast101

  2. Now I got 353 Ticket's on Phantom Ball! Omg! I love you feeler's and GreatShot!! Great blog! Sonicbeast101

  3. cool i got on photo lol :P anyways thanks 4 adding me feelers :)



    for your information,i'm trying to teach u as a friend like how i treat MY friends instead of treating u like ur popular or something.

  4. haii fauna i just wanna say if u can teach me how to do a clear screen shot.... i try to take pictures of animal jam with my camera but it would go all messy :L


    1. Click on the FAQ button on the right side of the blog, and scroll down until you see the question, "How do you take a screenshot?" That will give you the answer!

      Jam On!

  5. Can you please explain HOW you got the daily updates strip? Or even BETTER can you do a post showing how or tell me a website that can???

    1. Sure! Click here to find out how you can do this!

      Jam On!

  6. I had that and all i said was hi.


  7. they should have better prizes to win and not that much tickets to get it.


  8. AHHH!!! I WROTE SOMETHING WRONG ON MAH COMMENT T^T when i said teach you i meant TREAT you like my friend.... I'M SORRY LOL BUT IT'S FUNNY...


  9. OMG! This happened to me, too! Glad I'm not the only one. -.-

  10. I really like the summer carnival! :)

  11. Happens to me a lot. One time, a friend of mine got banned for twenty four hours cause of this. They didnt say nothing bad. only typed random letters

    1. thta happened to me once.... i never said anything bad but i got banned like you...
      glad im not the only 1 lol! lol sorry it just seemed fun....

  12. this is lol90808 here!!!! 1 question. can you please please please PLEASE send me a raccoon tail? mine got scammed by one of my buddies.... she was supposed to be my mom.... her name was random letters so I can't remember :( but I was crying for like 5 days and im still sad D: :'( and now I can't even get one because it's not summer :'(


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