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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leaf Necklaces: Jam Mart Clothing

Heya, jammers!
As you probably already know, leaf necklaces are BACK! If you never had a leaf necklace (like me) then now is your chance to get this item from the beginning of Animal Jam! It came back, just as LoveLost had predicted!
250 gems and members only. You can change the color of this item as well! Good thing it wasn't a Rare Item Monday - or else it'd be a different color than it was in stores a long time ago, and I don't consider Rare Item Mondays too rare.
Since I got my membership back, I can get this new item!
Have a jammin' good time!


  1. when the new items come out i always see what i can get from it :).
    and thats cool.


  2. Thanks for alerting me to that! :)

    1. if you do it right when the item comes out u get rares :D but if your to late u done want to see what happens /).(\ they complain to you


    2. i feel bad for my buddy she had them before they came out witch is sad because she traded good rares for them :(

  3. the new animal is going to be a fox. They can be red and black and arctic foxes are white or grey. Foxes are known for being clever and sly.


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