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Monday, October 15, 2012

Animal Stone &

Hey Jammers!

Before I get to the climax of this post, it's Rare Item Monday in Jamaa!

This rare is a purple colored Head Feather, sold in the Shiveer Shoppe for 350 gems!

There's also the first Pumpkin Mask being sold there too.....

More Pumpkin masks should be selling in a few days too then.

And if you didn't know about this RIM, then The Daily Explorer has posted it too:

Now then, according to Animal Jam Spirit, an Animal Jam tester has been spotted, and the last one was Sizzlerat (deactivated). This tester's name is LiitleMighty, and it's apparently testing the discovery of a new Animal Stone, the Arctic Wolf.

I'm guessing it's a Members Only animal stone. That's a bummer, for Non-Members to be missing out on this beautiful arctic creature.

Also, we should email Animal Jam HQ about Sky High, since the game seems to be rather glitchy. The farthest I've gotten was half way, when while in mid-air, my wolf jerked to the left by itself! I haven't won at all because of this annoying glitch! :(

Jam On!

*I still do not have computer access, this was posted from a computer at another location. I don't think I'll always be able to post here though.


  1. Well at least you got to post this! :) I know about LiitleMighty, I posted it on my blog too! ^^ Lol, I love posting on here it's so fun because I can see my reflection in the black and how my fingers are typing away like crazy. Lol, randomness.. people are always saying I am a really fast typer and I never looked at it that much and now I realize I am actually not that slow. I remember how I used to be really slow... so slow it took my like 4 seconds to type one letter. Now it takes me 4 seconds to type a sentence. XD

    Sorry, randomness. Just so overexcited you are back! :)


    1. Hahaha yeah I was only able to type fast by pecking, and not using hand-eye coordination. But now I'm better, at an average pace of about 54 words a minute. My sister can do better, at about 90 or something like that. .-.

      But anyways.

      I love bacon.

    2. I can type 120 ^^ anywho, can I make a post too about the mystery AJHQ animal tester? I have so much info, because I talked to her! (Yes, female)



  3. Hi feelers glad u got to post!!! :)

  4. aww i wish i was a member, my mom won't let me!!!!!! i wish i wsn't a non member!!!!!!!! (even though i have 23,298 gems)

  5. -grabs at screen- ME WANT DA ARTIC WOLF!!!!!!!!


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