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Monday, October 1, 2012

Reeeeal and Scary!

It's finally October, which means Night of the Phantoms, Halloween (or known as All Hallow's Eve), and fall fun!

It's also the very first Rare Item Monday of the month this year, and this Rare Princess Necklace sure has Halloween colors to match! It's sold in the Shiveer Shoppe for 400 gems!

The Daily Explorer also has their stuff to say about it:

To start off the month of Halloween, the return of Bat Masks have made their appearance in Jam Mart Clothing!

Not really rare anymore, but they're still fun to wear!

And a (literal) News Flash, the Jamaa Journal has been half-updated, with three new pages!

Pretty cool! I can't wait for Night of the Phantoms!

Jam On!

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