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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Animal Day Around the Globe

Even though this isn't Halloweeny, today is a special day to celebrate the Animals all around the Earth!

There is a Surprised Jack-O-Lantern though to stay with the theme of Halloween.

And under the sea, they are also celebrating Night of the Phantoms with the return of the Skeleton Mask!

This really brings out your face.

If you don't know what World Animal Day is, then the Daily Explorer has got you covered!

And to celebrate World Animal Day, here are randomized pictures of random animals around the world!


  1. lol you put patric in there you just made my day today i didnt have a great day because i wouldnt trade someone back and they called me a scammer ;( what should i do this has been going on for a week i feel like quiting but i wont because of my buddies i just dont know what to do and i would have traded the person back but they wanted me to send my worn and trade them to spikes when they only traded a pink spike and 3 clouds :\ and they said or else in a jam a gram im on my other user just in case this ever happened please respond if you know what i should do please and ty :)

    P.S. i'd put i love bacon but i dont feel like it :/

  2. The best animal was the starfish! Ah, that is such a great starfish!

    papad91278's the glitch queen and news crew winner

  3. Awwww patrick!!! He's so cute!! (My mom thought i was going nuts)

    P.S. to Feelers Ich Liebe Speck I LOVE BACON!!!!! In fact my mom's making bacon for breakfast! AWESOME!!!!!

    1. lol i understand your mom can go nuts from you liking patrick lol


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