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Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jam Session, Garden Plots, and More Discoveries!

Hey Jammers!

There have been lots of new discoveries made in Jamaa, mainly the Jam Session party!

This is what it looks like.

They also sell instruments so you can Jam along!

 Unfortunately, the only Non-Member instrument is currently the Clarinet. I really do play the Clarinet! :)

But I'm already seeing Jammers who think this is more than just a Jamming concert...... I'll post about this when I can.

Also, all Jammers can purchase their own Garden Plot in Jam Mart Furniture, and grow Tomatoes! 

I think this is a great inspiration to grow your own garden of vegetables! Yum!

And sadly, Rhinos, Giraffes, and Elephants are leaving Jamaa on May 23rd for migration and exploration. Pick your animal up today!

Remember the Summer Carnival? Of course you do! It will be returning in a few updates, so you can enjoy all of the fun and prizes once again! It didn't seem too long ago when it first came out....

And there's a contest for pictures from the Photo Booth. Dress up, take your best picture, and send it to Animal Jam Headquarters!

Enter by May 1st!

And on the Daily Explorer, there's another winning News Crew article for the Going Green topic!

Congratulations, Snickety Cutepaw! 

Sorry for making this a short update post, but I have homework!

Remember to get outside and step into the sun!



  1. Hi Feelers!
    This account is Sparkykat38 and Tiggywinkle, we both own it because we share a blog - animaljammilkshake.blogspot.com :P

    1. That's awesome! I'll check out the blog right now! :)

  2. me wanna ask u.... how were people thinking of the jam session as more than just a jamming consert?

    1. Well, I'm about to post about that... stay tuned!

  3. hi im wigglemonster and i love your blog! ps to feelers: ich liebe speck!

  4. im flowerfire. and; "MOM I FOUND A MONKEY EATING THE MUSTARD!( P.S. to Feelers: Ich liebe Speck).


  5. Hey Jammers!
    Feelers, have you seen the new Diamond Shop? Completely.. no words. A bunch of Jammers were upset about "wasting $15 on Arctic Wolves and Snow Leopards". It's very.. er.. irritating, I guess, what AJHQ is doing. Many were upset. It's another one of those unfair MEMBERS ONLY things. Check it out!

    Jamm Onn!
    (add me! (: )

    1. Your correct, they usually open up stuff for MEMBERS unless its like a thing that has been there for a while and finally open to nonmembers. AJHQ, if your reading this, please make cheetahs for nonmembers my friend really wants a cheetah and shes not member D:. -Roiho

  6. Aren't the garden plots and tomatoes and everything beta now? They went out of stores, right????? :L


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