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Friday, April 19, 2013

Power of the Tux!

Today's the LAST day to enter your art! Tomorrow, the winner will be chosen and the art will be posted!

Hey Jammers! A new stylish and pawesome looking clothing item is now available in Epic Wonders!

Power of the TUX!

This would be a good clothing item to wear if you were going to the Dinner Party with your buddies!

And, as I posted yesterday, there are new Sidekix Plushies available on Animal Jam Outfitters.

These little plushies are so cute! 

On the other note that has nothing to do with this, here's your LoZ picture:

This is Valoo from the Wind Waker. He's a dragon that gets his tail stuck in the volcano from Gohma. Valoo's on the good side. :)

Jam On!


  1. hey feelers, do u like icarly? tthere is a part where spencer says the power of the tux! if so, i luv icarly and victorious to! please reply!
    p.s. 2 feelers, ich liebe speck!!!

  2. Hey! I want to do
    A giveaway my user is sealy1020 and i am giving away random stuff so jam a gram me and you might win! Jam on!


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