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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rope & New Land

Hey Jammers!

Today, we have a new den item, the Rope, located in Jam Mart Furniture.

Just some plain rope for your barn den, pretty. Neat and. Helps with. Stuff. Like. Barn stuff.

The Daily Explorer also posted about Cosmo taking the koalas in Jamaa to explore the new land!

Remember that post a while ago where I was predicting where and what kind of land it would be?

Well, I'll say it again. Since the koalas are going, maybe it'll be another forest-y land, like Sarepia Forest. Cosmo's also holding a bug, so it should  be something like a forest. Tree houses, tree tunnels, something like that? How exciting! What do you Jammers think will be in the new land?

On other news, here's today's Zelda Enemy, the Redead:

Wind Waker

Twilight Princess

These are, in my opinion, the creepiest of characters, enemy-wise, in which you normally encounter in the Zelda series. When you get near them, they let out a horrifying shriek. Link becomes stunned temporarily, so he can't move, and the Redeads come closer and strangle him. However, in Twilight Princess, they shriek, then limp towards you and slash you with its sword.

Pretty nice, huh?

Well, I shall post tomorrow!

Jam On!

1 comment:

  1. Isn't the wind waker your old profile picture?

    -papad91278 the 4th news crew member (insert saying here)


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