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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mailbag #2: Good Buddies

Hey Jammers!

It's time for another mailbag question from a good buddy, vms19:

"I have several buddies. Some of them I know in real life, some of them I know through Blogging, some of them I only know through Animal Jam. Some of the Animal Jam buddies are really nice, but, however, others seem only to buddy me just because of my items. Once they buddy me, they will simply follow me around and beg for my items. One buddy I saw trying to get others to flash trade her.
What makes a buddy a good buddy?"

This is a great question, and even better advice that all Jammers should know!

Here's a list of  some main great traits in a true buddy:

  • Buddies care about each other! Buddies shouldn't want to be your buddy just because you blog or have rares. That isn't what makes a Jammer special! No matter what, your buddies should always like you for who you are!
  • Buddies will always be there for you! A true buddy will always help you when you have troubles. They shouldn't just not care go off because they're lazy and don't want to help you.
  • Buddies stay true to you! They keep promises, and don't try to trick you for scams or anything else! 
And one more thing, GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!

Those are just some of the basics in a great buddy. Buddies will also be weird with you, and not let you do weird things alone.

If your buddy does things like scams, or only wants you as a buddy for your items, then they aren't a real buddy! This type of "buddy" would be classified as one who only buddies you to stay in touch with you for items. If they never want to hang out with you, or be weird with you, then they aren't a true buddy!


  1. Replies
    1. No problem! Email me whenever you have a question!

  2. hey feelers, how do i send you sugestions?

    1. You can click the red mailbox on the right sidebar, or you can just send me it at animaljamguides@gmail.com

    2. ok thx feelers!

  3. tori561 scammed my water archway when she said that she was very poor but the next day she had all kinds of rares I blacked her and unbuddyed her and report her :( :( :(


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