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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Animal Jam Nomination for Webby Awards

Hey Jammers!

Have you ever seen Disney's cute movie, Robin Hood?

It's one of my favorites!

Well, today's item in Epic Wonders is the Hood With Feather!

Now you can really dress up like Robin Hood with a fox, this hood, and a bow and arrow!

The Daily Explorer has also informed all Jammers on the Monthly Member Gifts of April, the Spirit Armor, and new Spirit Helmet!

Remember, there's also a new News Crew Assignment as of yesterday. Send in your article about Going Green!

So. I was browsing around on the Nat Geo website, and found out that Animal Jam has been nominated for the 17th annual Webby awards!

Click here to vote for Animal Jam! (You must sign up with email to vote)
Right now, Animal Jam only has 8% of votes. They're dead last! You can sign up today to vote and support Animal Jam!

In the article, the author mentions that "Players can look forward to exciting expansions and events coming to Animal Jam throughout 2013". This includes the lands, items, and other events that Nat Geo will be bringing this year!

What kinds of things do YOU want to be available in Jamaa?

Here's today's Zelda pic:

This beast is called a Stalhound. They're undead, wolf-like creatures that come up from the ground at night in Twilight Princess. They're pretty darn easy to get rid of, but they can get creepy!

Jam On!


  1. I remember seeing Robin Hood (Disney) when I was little. :D

  2. dang... i cant vote. i have to sign up... poowey! robin hood is so cute to! nice zelda pic! does any1 watch the show Teen Titans? its about 5 super heros making a team and protecting mitropolis or something... i have all the seasons! its awesome! anyway, if u love icarly say carly in replies. if u love victorious, say tori in replies. if u love teen titans, say team in replies. Thank you!
    also im quiting aj. peopel keep bulling me everyday and some group of girls in my school bully me about alot of stuff saying im fat... which im not! im skinny! i hate those peeps... makes me wanna cry so bad... :'( well im still quiting and living my life. i just dont wanna get bullied anymore. but that cant stop in real life... :'(
    so jammers, animal jammers out there, stay safe, dont pollut, play safe, dont scam, stop scamming, and.....

    JAM ON!!!!


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