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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crystal Greely Statue

Hey Jammers!

As I predicted, there's another addition of an Alpha to the Crystal Alpha collection. Today, it's Greely!

I think that this statue is particularly awesome, because it really seems to emphasize the mystery in Greely's eyes!

I might try my own fixing of Greely's alpha spotlight picture, to make him look more mysterious ad awesome. I'll post it here when I'm finished.

Hmm. Maybe I should have a contest. Whoever can make the most epically awesome computer-fixed version of Greely will win something. Have no idea what, but something.

Should we do that?

Anyway, the Daily Explorer has posted on April's monthly member gift:

Spirit Armor sounds sweet!

Join the club in April to get Spirit Armor!

Jam On!


  1. Yeah good idea! :D
    I'd totally lose, though X3
    By that, do you mean sort of...edit his picture?
    Or make our own, new one?
    If edit, which pic do we edit?

  2. I have 2 questions.

    1. How did you get music on your blog?
    2. How did you get your tabs likes that?

    P.s. to Feelers: Ich liebe Speck

    1. Okay:

      1. I use Youtube, not Soundcloud. Use the embed code in an HTML gadget. To automatically play the Youtube video, add &autoplay=1 at the end of the URL (right before the end ")

      2. It's a long story....go to my Blogger Help blog. It should tell you.


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