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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Greely Art Contest Entries

Hey Jammers!

For the Greely art contest, there were only 2 contestants, but that's okay!

 This one is by papad91278!

Untitled 541.jpg

This one is by Jabberwacky!

WHOOOOOOOOOOAA why does it look like that? This computer is ridiculous. It was a great picture when I received it, but the COMPUTER IS RIDICULOUS. So I'm going to give it to Jabberwacky anyway.
I'm deciding to give both of them one of the prizes.

You guys can decide which ones you want! :)

They're both great entries!

Here are the two prizes:

Jam On!


  1. cant see the 2nd 1 tho.... great job you 2 winners! i would have entered but i stink at drawing lol anyway great job!

  2. Can somebody trade me a black tail?

  3. Great job!!!

    My computer wouldn't cooperate with me, so I couldn't enter.:(

    My photo-editing program was being all "Uh-uh. No way."

  4. Jabberwacky can pick which one she wants. I don't mind.

    ~papad91728, the 4th news crew member, APPRECIATE THE WEIRDNESS!

  5. Hey guys, it's JabberWacky, I don't mind which gift I get. If you want Feelers, I can send you the same picture again to see if it works. ~Jabberz


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