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Friday, July 29, 2011


    I checked some other blogs....... I was reading and I saw some pictures taken from my blog to be used as their picture. I mean I know it's not exactly plagiarism, but I don't like it when people use my screenshots as their's. Can you at least ask before using my screeshots?


  1. whats worse is when people copy your look and/or name on animal jam. it really annoys me when people do that candyman89 kept doing that -.- same with a few other people

  2. one day I was doing this really cool glitch on animal jam the butter slide and this girl came up yo me and she copied my look and she was like we look the same so we are sisters now come with me and I was lie no way Im busy!

  3. feelers, we do not hang out on AJ any more! you must have deleted me cause i went on holiday for AGES and you must have thought i quit or something! i REALLY wanna hang out more, so PLEASE try to make this happen PLEASE!
    my username: zail13


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