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Sunday, July 24, 2011

3,000 Views! *Update*

   Wow 3,000 views already! So I have set up a party plan..... 
   Hope you guys can come!! I won't be able to add everyone, because I don't have room in my buddy list. I might add a few, but not everyone! Jam on everyone!



  1. well i will try to be there but i have a question what time would it be if my time zone is

  2. @ Knight Magicclaw

    Checking.......... Well which state are you in? It depends on the state.

  3. Heck no! I'll come! I have PST! So I'll come at the same time! :D Even though I'm in Canada! :3 Congrats on your 3000 views! :)
    -Infinity Coolgirl (foxlen)

  4. Yo Fauna! wolvesr1 here! wat is PST? I HOPEFULLY CAN MAKE IT 2 UR PARTY I LOVE UR BLOG AND EVERYTHING!! :D-Baron Spritpaw(wolvesr1)

  5. @ Wolvesr1

    PST means Pacific Standard Time. Sorry, I also just rememberd you were 9 years old!

  6. I hope I will make it! I've seriously never been to a Animal jam Blog party! Hopefully, See you there!!! P.s If you want to buddy me, My username is Zach94! Friend me! P.P.S I love your blog and try to friend me! Im a 9 year old too!

  7. @ Zach94

    Yes yes I added you.

    @ Anonymous

    Who who who are you?

  8. ok thanks for writing back fauna but i don't have that time! I live in Yellow Springs, Ohio! U.S.A! Sorry! I really hope i will make it to your party!-Baron Spritpaw(wolvesr1)

  9. @ Zach
    Wow! thats so cool! I'm 9 years old but fauna did you really have to say that to all the jammers? JAM ON!

  10. @ Wolvesr1

    Oh. Sorry. Well to make it even I'm 13 years old and my birthday is March 12!!! Jam on everyone!

  11. @ Fauna

    Lol! my birthday is December 9th JAM ON!

  12. Infinity CoolgirlJuly 27, 2011 at 12:03 AM

    Wow! I'm 13 too! My Bday is november 27!! :D I always think I'm too old for Animal Jam (My sis thinks so too) But this game doesnt seem like t shld be for only little kids! :) That sounds cheesy but its kinda true :3
    P.S. I dont celebrate birthdays... >.>

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Infinity CoolgirlJuly 27, 2011 at 10:57 PM

    @Knight Magicclaw
    Hm...if you mean Mountain Time then the party would an hour later for you! Be there at 2:30pm if you can come! :D

  15. @ Infinity Coolgirl

    Thank you for helping Knight! And congrats on getting the riddle correct for Grab Bag!

  16. Thanks!! And no prob for helpin knight! :D


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