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Daily Updates

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Stuff for FTAJB!

  •     Wow that is a long name for a blog. Anyway, I added a new page: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Now, if you have any questions about my blog, how to put something on your blog, or about Animal Jam, then feel free to comment your questions so I can put them on the FAQ page and answer them!
  •     Then I put up a "More blogs" page. I know, I know, I don't have many blogs up there, but comment your blogs or other blog's you know and I will put them there!
  •     Since today is Thursday, I put up the first secret for the Secret page! This week's secret is on Trading. But no, it doesn't tell you how to scam or hack or anything.
  •     We have the first winner for Grab Bag!!!! A new mod for FTAJB, Infinity Coolgirl! (foxlen) She is allowed to pick a plushie!   


  1. I`m the first winner?! WOW AWESOME! 8D
    P.S thx for making me one of ur mods!! :)

  2. i need help
    on my blog!!!! 0.0 o.o 0,0 o,o you your little links like tho game room and ect. how to you add thos?????? plzz i need to know for my blog

  3. @ Star00000

    Check out the FAQ page and the answer will be there!

  4. Hey! I saw ur "other blogs" page! I got a blog! :3
    "Infinity Coolgirl's Animal Jam Smash"
    or just call it Animal jam Smash :) much shorter

  5. you know what's really annoying?
    a scammer called leadfoot21 was scamming. I exposed him in front of lots of people, and he said "later losers" and left the world. then he turned up in front of me some 5 minutes later and said "haha found you" and left again. he keeps scamming, and I cannot always be there to stop him :(
    and not everyone knows that type of scam, so they might fall for it.
    (double) :(


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