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Friday, July 29, 2011

3,000 Views Party!

    There weren't very many people for the party, but that's still okay. Foxlen, BUBBLEDOUBLE, Star00000, and some guests were there dancing.

       First we were at Crystal Sands!

     Then we went to the Canyons Pathaway!

      Finally we went to the Juice Hut for smoothies!!! (YUM)

    Even if there weren't very many people we still had TONS of fun talking about random things and pizza and BACON! 


  1. That was an aweosme party!! :D :D :D yay im in every pic :3

  2. Not many people came but I will try to have others for 4,000 views!!!

    1. @Feelers
      Omigosh!! I'd ♡ to come!
      Add me?

      -ScarfaceOFsteamclan (;

  3. @ Foxlen

    AWWWWWW your covered by other people thats the only problem!

  4. That reminds me of something.
    I was at crystal sands and I saw a whole bunch of brown seals and they kept going up to this guy and talking to him and saying stuff about a clan so I went to the guy and I asked if I could join his clan because I have a seal and he said yes and it was so funny because there were about 30 of sand we were called the peanut butter seals and wolves kept trying to eat us that was fun!


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