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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


    I'm soooo booooored. Let's see. On Sunday it was 93 degrees where I live, and the next day it was a thunder storm. I entered cupcakes in the fair where I live.... Im bored. Any ideas for anything on my blog?


  1. Hey er... I have a question... I have a blog too! But its not as great as urs... I was wondering how you make the game room and add the other different pages!! IM NOT COPYING THE GAME ROOM D: NO IM NOT! im just wondering how u add dif pages!! I know this has like NOTHIN to do with this but i thought id ask! :3
    -Infinity Coolgirl (foxlen)

  2. @ Infinity Coolgirl

    Well, I just used my creativity. And gadgets and pages and stuffs.

  3. Infinity CoolgirlJuly 26, 2011 at 11:18 PM

    OH kk! thanks! Sorry if my questions are kinda burdensome but how you get the parts like...
    Glitches! Jammer of the Week!
    Game Room! Home!

  4. Infinity CoolgirlJuly 26, 2011 at 11:20 PM

    Where its like ur own writing and u have dif pages. SORRY I DONT GET WHAT IM SAYING EITHER D:
    I'll just shuttup now :<

  5. Feelers im a big Fan ur Blog and i have a blog too as u can see i have 1 question.... How do u make ur backround like that without using the Display pics please respond Feelers.

  6. @ Ewemy

    I found the picture on Google™, and I saved it in my Documents. Then I went to Design>Template>Background and instead of using a picture that was already there, I just pressed Upload Picture, and I chose the picture from my Documents. Hope this helps!

  7. You should do a post on bullies!

  8. Hai feelers it is jak038 im thinking and I accually found something in my mind that u could do like do giveaways or something. see ya soon buddy [jak038]


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