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Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Author!

 Hey fans of Fauna Toughclaw's Animal Jam blog! This is Fauna's sister Fauna Vinepride and I will not be doing Fauna Vinepride's Animal Jam blog not that much any longer. I have became an author to this blog! My name is Wolfpup99 and I am a member. You may see these names on Animal Jam somewhere around Jamaa: Flora Spiritmaster, Fauna Vinepride, Precious Daisystar, Countess Sunnyseal, Happy Berrybear and Princess Arcticmoon, I will have two new animals coming soon. My nametag is purple with a star on the side if you are my buddy and my den is always unlocked just in case you would like to visit it. But my den is locked at night though.

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