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Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Things for AJ Blog!

     I was just thinking I should waz this website up a bit, or whatever you'd say, and put some new things up! 
    First of all, I am thinking about starting something like a quiz on certain things around Jamaa! Like asking things about the rooms and things like that. Next, nobody would usually see the Jammer of the week allllll the way at the bottom of the page, so I am just going to make a page about them instead! I started picking some of my buddies and some people I saw being nice, but now I will pick the best, nicest buddies, and some fans and moderators to be the Jammer of the week! 
    I know I know, I might sound like a mom as I say this. I will start putting some rules out on one of the sidebars, so people know how they should comment and how people are using my blog like a pole to hang up Yard Sale signs. Just telling you. No, I won't make you talk in a certain way, or say certain things. So don't get mad. New things will be here in a few days!
    JAM ON!!! 


  1. Medieval sunnygemJuly 14, 2011 at 9:11 PM

    Cool!Maybe you could make a "games" Page.

  2. What do you mean by the question u asked me?

  3. @ Thunderpelt

    I don't remember asking you a question.

  4. hi feelers its me, wolvesr1! I'm on Animal Jam right now


Here are the steps for commenting on my blog:
1. Do 10 jumping jacks. Right now. In front of your computer.
3. Go to your sibling (or parent) and say: "I feel a disturbance in my socks."
4. Type your comment while dancing like a diseased maniac.
5. When your parent asks what the glob you are doing answer by saying: "The computer made me do it."
6. If you say anything bad, hate, or anything like that, then no more commenting for you. (Okay, this is the only step you can take seriously.)
7. If you love bacon, type at the end of your comment: P.S. to Feelers: Ich liebe Speck. [That means "I love bacon" in German.]
8. Jam On! :D


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