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Friday, July 1, 2011

Fuzzy Over AJ?

    I was checking out Animal Jam Flash, and I was looking at some other AJ blogs. One of the blogs I clicked on said that people were calling them a jerk because they didn't post a lot. Then I read that Fuzzy ShyIvy was over Animal Jam,. and they were too! They said that Fuzzy said that Animal Jam was getting boring, and that they were sticking to Club Penguin. I don't know if this is surely true, but I do know that Fuzzy has a Club Penguin blog too.
                            JAM ON!!!


  1. Hi Fauna!
    I know that this isn't really related to the post, but I wanted to get in touch with you.
    I only recently started reading your blog and I haven't posted any comments yet, but I found the blog really interesting... much more than Fuzzy's!
    I wanted to know whether you wanted any more moderators. If so, I would really like to be one.
    I also realize that you probably won't want me as a moderator when I just started commenting today, but I really am interested.
    Could you please e-mail me an answer at ecflynn98@yahoo.com? Thanks.
    My AJ user is Ozma00.

  2. It wasn't Fuzzy Shyivy, it was Blueletket, but she came back. But people called her a jerk. If you're going to do that, no wonder they're not posting!
    It must have been really bad for her...You know, being called a jerk by people you don't know...


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