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Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baseball Cap

Hey Jammers!

Jamaa's Baseball League has brought you you're very own Baseball Cap!

Now you can join the cheering and possibly catch a baseball! Maybe we'll get a Baseball mitt glove thing? 

I'm not a baseball player, but I do know that it's pretty fun to play and to watch!

The Daily Explorer also has a reminder post of the fact that koalas are leaving with Cosmo!

Whoops. Wrong Cosmo...

These cute, furry creatures will no longer be available in 2 weeks! Get your koala today!

Jam On!



  1. Hello Feelers, sorry to bother I couldn't find the ask page but I just wanted to ask where did you get that text that you used for your signature? I've been looking for it forever! Thanks

  2. oh no wrong cosmo! hes crying cause he thinks he koalas will bite him i guess :/

  3. Lol Cosmo is funny... Guess which Cosmo I'm talking about and win a prize!


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