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Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hey Jammers!

Sorry for posting so late, I was spending my wonderful Easter with my family and 8 aunts and uncles and their kids. So fun!

The new item today is a Longboard, found on the first page of Jam Mart Furniture. 

In my personal opinion, I don't really like longboards. Here, they're the "cool" thing, instead of real skateboards. Oh well. At least they're better than Ugg Boots and leggings as pants. Leggings are NOT jeans, people.

Have you done the Egg Hunt around Jamaa yet? The Daily Explorer has posted their piece about the spring egg hunt:

That is one BIG egg. One time, we found a broken robin's egg in one of our flower pots. It was awesome.

I enjoy a great Easter, don't you?

How was your guys' Easters? Do anything fun?

Jam On!


  1. cool i did an egg hunt,spent time with family, and got candy!!!
    i got a lion card so yay!
    btw Feelers im ilovemyfamily153666 on aj im you friend and can i spell at all tonight?
    i got a new t-shirt that has aj wolves on it.
    my bff came on aj from school today and said at her place it was raining so she couldn't do an egg hunt. anyway sorry for this long comment but i love your blog and hopefully im the first commenter this time.. (don know if i spelled that right) lol anyway paypad is awesome and the glitch queen lol
    p.s. To Feelers: ich liebe speck! your blogs the best!

  2. btw people happy easter and spring break!!!

  3. Haha, that comment on leggings made me laugh but also offended me. ;{D


    1. Hehehe I'm soooooorry.....

      Here's some milk.

      | _______ |
      / \ \
      | | \ |
      | | \ |
      | | \ |
      | | M \ |
      | | \ |
      | |\ I \ |
      | | \ \ |
      | | \ L \|
      | | \ |
      | | \ K |
      | | \ |
      | | \ |

    2. :O! *slaps milk* I said it made me laugh O_O Milk makes me cry and puke at the same time.


    3. What?? O.o it looks like cloud and rain for me...

    4. wow first commentors get ALOT of responces! hehe
      btw feelers can you friend me on your darkfeelers account?


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