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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Hint of the New Land?

Hey Jammers!

Today's new item is in Jam Mart Clothing. They're Baseball Cleats!

Jamaa must be getting ready for the Baseball Season! A great article of clothing for you and your buddies!

So yesterday, the new Jamaa Journal announced that Cosmo, the Koala Alpha, is taking all of the koalas to find a new land. I was looking at Cosmo's Alpha bio on The Daily Explorer.

In this article on Cosmo, it says that Cosmo likes the natural world and plants, probably because he's a koala, right?
Since koalas love plants and nature so much, we might be getting a land that's full of trees and nature. Do you think it would be one of these lands?

Both of those lands look full of trees, unlike the one next to Mt. Shiveer, which looks like it has more earth than trees. 
What if these lands were one big land, but split in two parts?

Show your ideas in a comment if you like!

Jam On!


  1. I dont wanan sound bad, but im really happy that koalas are leaving.

    tehy dont look like real koalas, lol and no offense.

    -powerbiker (ADD ME!!)

  2. hey feelers can you please unlock your den so people can see your awesomeness?
    btw your really cool

  3. I've got a quick question for you...
    How did you get that cool drop-down menu for your blog?

    1. Ahh, the drop down menu. I found this on spiceupyourblog.com. They have lots of cool gadgets you can add to your blog, and tips! I usually only go on the site for the helpful gadgets.

      Here's the link to the tutorial for how to get it (this link will take place of this page): Drop Down Menu

      If you need help putting in in your blog's HTML, just ask me! :)


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