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Daily Updates

Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

10 Million Jammers!

Hey Jammers!

Today's the day of the new update and things coming to Jamaa!

Most importantly, 10,000,000 Jammers have come to Jamaa ever since Jamaa was discovered! 

As a prize, you can log in with the code 10Million to get a banner!

Also, the HQ has put double gems for every game in Jamaa!

If only Sky High didn't have that gliding glitch....

Also, it's almost Easter, so the Egg Hunt is now available!

The post below this one is the Egg Hunt guide, but now you can look in the "Other Guides" tab in the blue navbar to get to it.

Next Monday is also April Fool's Day, so April's monthly gift is Spirit Armor!

Pretty cool animated helmet! Hopefully this isn't a joke...

Also, Cosmo, the Koala Alpha, is leaving with all of Jamaa's koalas in search for a new land!

If you already have a koala, then you're able to keep it, but on April 11th, you can no longer purchase koalas!

What do you think the new land will be? Maybe it has to do with koalas....

The April Fool's party has also been added to the Party icon! Visit the party to find all kinds of wacky items!

 Why was the broom late for school? It over swept!
Do you love jokes? Send in yours through Jammer Central!

Also, a mystery page...

Yay! I love adventures! Maybe this is why there was the mysterious sticky note pad on that one Daily Explorer picture...

We'll have to see on April 11th!

One more thing....yesterday's item was a surfboard that was red, and had a shark bite in it.

Now, it's a normal surfboard! I guess it was just a small mistake.


I give up.

Jam On!


  1. Do you have a reason not to tell me? Is there anything you want that I have that I could trade?

    1. No, I wouldn't want an item if I told you, it's just a Blogger thing I learned.

  2. I cant submit the joke to AJHQ, but its funny. ill put it here:
    So i was eating some pie and it was talking to me. i do not know, but i think the pie is magical and makes u slap yourself with an ample if u eat it. if this is true, i shall stop eating talking pies :/
    Hope u liked da joke!

  3. Still no jokes can`t think of any sigh!
    Everyone wants my fox hat, and rare headress!
    trade me!!
    Trading party in my den!
    New rare today an underwater one.
    AJ is getting so big all the servers are always full(ie Jamma township)
    Awesome blog btw
    Buddy me!
    Briannia9108 I know it`s a wired user XD


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