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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sky High Tips

    Sky High has become a widely-played game in Jamaa because of the prizes they give out, such as Pirate Swords, Rare Worn Blankets, and Freedom items.

    But it's weird, because when I play it, it does a weird glitch. What I do is hop right as I hit the cloud so that I can maneuver faster to the next one. Sometimes, when I'm right above the cloud I'm about to jump on, I'll jump as I hit the cloud, but then my animal glides by itself!

Okay, this isn't a very good picture, but it really bugs me how this happens.
Sometimes my screen even stops for a split second, then continues to run normally while the music still plays, and that also causes me to fall.

But anyway, here are some tips in order to survive these glitches, or to just be more of a Sky High Ninja.

  • One thing you could do is do what I do and jump as you hit the cloud. It helps really well if you're trying to reach a cloud that's on the opposite side of the sky.
  • Look before you head to another cloud! When you're just getting into the air after jumping on a cloud, watch where the phantoms are, and where the best-to-reach clouds are.
  • You must be swift as the coursing river. Make sure you press the arrow keys fast enough to get to another cloud, and get past the phantoms if you're gliding above them.
  • Have you seen the clouds that are right next to each other, and both have single gems on them? An easy way to get both of them is to glide right over the cloud closest to you, and use the next one to bounce you off in the sky. This might sound complicated, but when you see the clouds, you should get it tout suite! (right away)
  • Don't hold down the right or left arrow too long. Sometimes, this is what causes you to continue gliding and fall. When you are right next to the cloud you are going to jump on, tap the arrow instead of holding it down. It will give you a better chance of staying in that one spot above the cloud!
  • Some Jammers are even used to holding down the up arrow, despite the fact that it doesn't do anything. I tried it, and it helped a little bit, but then my finger got in the way and I fell....but try it if you like!
     Hopefully these tips help! I know I still fall every once in a while, but I hope that you guys win great prizes!
Jam On!


  1. Her tips work..........just go read the Daily Explorer from September.....

    ~papad91278, the 4th news crew member, *hint hint* and whatever else your heart desires!

    1. The sky high tip.. I dont understand it. Can anyone make a video of it to YT please?


    Sorry about that! I hope they hatch something pleasent next!

    ~papad91278, the 4th news crew member, so yea, any questions?

  3. Thanks for the tips! I always have trouble with Sky High...and even when I do manage to get to the top I get a cruddy item -.-

  4. I survived the glitches already XD I'm a super sky high ninja...

    Also, In the part where there are two clouds and each has one gem on them, I just glide through the first cloud and jump on the second, that way, it's easier for me.

    1. im also a sky high ninja too

  5. hi im frankiestien70 i have also have gotten a foxhat from sky high

  6. Hiya guys I cant do this game no mattier what my computer starts to freeze then im trying to play I stop to look and I fall! And if I don't do that I always "fall" off a cloud when im in the damn middle!!

    Plz help me Im a noob though too which makes it worse :( I rlly want a prize but no one helps me and I don't want to share my details.

  7. lol i once fell and i could see the treasure i was like nuuuuu why now but otherwise than that am a sky high ninja... ninja.... ninja


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