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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shamans Are Returning, New Den, + New Features!

Today is the day that the Jamaa Journal comes out, with all the new features and updates!

New Features:

First of all, there's a new den, the Enchanted Hollow!
Here are some pictures of the inside:

This den is awesome!

Also, Shamans are going to return to Jamaa from their very unknown important quest!

Oh and when I was checking for the new items, I found out that the Horse Shaman and Giraffe Shaman were named!

Hmm.... Edmund and Sophia. Thanks for naming a Horse Shaman after me, Animal Jam.
If only you could spell it right hehehe juuuust kidding...

Anywhay, Jammers have donated 90 Million Gems to the Conservation Museum! We're only 10 million away from getting Monkeys back to Jamaa! Keep on donating!

Yes, we are so close!

A note: Have you ever forgotten which World you were in, or aren't really fond of the new cursor!
Well now, you can check which world you're in, and switch back to your cursor in your Settings Menu!

Oh which reminds me. Do you have one of the awesome new pet turtles? Now, you can bring those turtles underwater!


And at the Summer Carnival, there's a new game, Carnival Darts!

Ehh it's a little weird on this computer, because I'll press one key to move, and it will totally zoom to the other side of the game, so I only get like 43 tickets :C

New Items:

In Jam Mart Furniture, theres a Tree Stump Table, available for Members only.

Nothing else really, but the winner of the Giveaway yesterday is....


I sent you your items, so have fun with them!

Jam On!

Blog Updates:


  1. I literally want to meet all the shamans but just one would make me content as well!:D
    AJ Rules!

    1. I didn't exactly "meet" one, but I saw on in Jamaa Township, and it was super full, and they were talking about games or something. It was the monkey Shaman!

      Jam On!

  2. Congrats to her! And how did you do the free giveaway...? You just send that jam a gram from the last post? I did it! :P I had no idea what was going on though...

    P.S. Ich leibe Speck

    1. Hehehe yeah all you had to do was send in the Jam-A-Gram I showed!

      I had like 17 of them, but Tiggywinkle was the first!

      Jam On!

  3. That's weird... the girrafe shaman has the almost same name where my dad works at! Edmud is where he works... East Bay Mud :P


    1. LOL GreenLeafs! It's me, your buddy, SCARFACEOFSTEAMCLAN! :D
      And the burrow dens are soo cool.. If only I hadn't spent all my gems.. Hmm..

      Jamm Onn!

      -ScarfaceOFsteamclan (check out my new blog, animaljamspark.webnode.com )

  4. So what do you want me to do in order for you to tell me where to get the font?

    1. Well I don't want you to do anything for me, just watch tv or something. HINT HINT

  5. NICE BLOG SCAR! I love it! It's so awesome nice work!


  6. BAHAHAHAHA "If only they could spell it right,"
    Awesome Feelers :D

  7. CONGRATS TIGGYWINKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PAPAD91278! had it on caps

  8. i sent 2, but i didnt know about it til i went on ur blog

  9. P.S. to Feelers: Ich liebe Speck
    oh and can i really danc like a deieseased maniac?
    -dances like that-

  10. I like the blog but the backgroudn music freaks me out.....

  11. P.S. to Feelers: Ich liebe Speck.
    can you get me a nm scary bat wings or freedom wings? cause i really want one im maura2775 in aj


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