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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prize Giveaway!

Alright so a few posts ago, I put a difficult quiz on myself.

Here are the questions, and their answers, since nobody could figure it out, and I thought nobody would be able to, since I didn't blog until a while after I started Animal Jam.

  1. What was the very first rare I received? Answer: Cream Glove
  2. Which rares did I surprisingly have when I first started Animal Jam? Answer: 3 Top hats (pink and yellows) and 2 pairs of Scary Bat Wings
  3. My fur color now is the used-to-be secret purple color. What was it before I learned about the purple color? Answer: Red
  4. What's my favorite kind of Bacon? Answer: KC Bacon

Bonus Question:

I name all of my animals Fauna Toughclaw....except for the one time when I first started playing Animal Jam. I was named Fauna Toughclaw, and my Seal was named what?
Answer: Master Spiritninja
So there you have it. I thought you guys wouldn't really figure them out right on the bat.
But now, this is a..........
Here is the Jam-A-Gram that you can send to me, Feelers, and it needs to look like this exactly! Please, members, don't send me one that says "HEY FEELERS JAM ON I WIN" or something like that. Just put "Jam On!" in the box.

I'll post the winner tomorrow, when I get online!
Here are the prizes! I'll also have some other quizzes (and the easy ones) for you guys, because I really need to get rid of some den stuff.

I know, they're lame prizes. But I need to get rid of some stuff!
Jam On!

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  1. Thats epic items your giving away.:)
    I guess I'll enter in your next contest,till than I'll keep on checking your blog!:D
    P.S.-Great work with the blog!Keep on with it!

  2. im commenting just to comment...

    papad91278's the glitch queen

  3. So what do you want me to do in order for you to tell me where to get the font?

  4. Those are acculy REALLY good prizes!

  5. Secret Somali/12345cat50August 23, 2012 at 11:25 AM

    I like the rocky horse! :D And.... I LUV CATS!
    P.S to Feelers: Ich Leibe Speck!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~12345cat5050~ Or as its gonna be..
    ~SecretSomali~ ( Somali is a cat if ya didn't know )


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3. Go to your sibling (or parent) and say: "I feel a disturbance in my socks."
4. Type your comment while dancing like a diseased maniac.
5. When your parent asks what the glob you are doing answer by saying: "The computer made me do it."
6. If you say anything bad, hate, or anything like that, then no more commenting for you. (Okay, this is the only step you can take seriously.)
7. If you love bacon, type at the end of your comment: P.S. to Feelers: Ich liebe Speck. [That means "I love bacon" in German.]
8. Jam On! :D


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