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Monday, August 27, 2012

Lei & Animal Jam's Response

It's Rare Item Monday! Yay!
It's a Non-Member item, the Rare Lei. A nice blue color!

But 400 gems? That's a lot of gems for just a lei.

Speaking of Non-Members, I wrote this very long letter to Animal Jam Headquarters a couple of days ago about the News Crew, but it mostly covered the problem between Members and Non-Members:

Dear Animal Jam Headquarters,
How come you haven't chosen any non members?
Are all Jammers equal on Animal Jam? I know members help by building new
features for Animal Jam, and I think that's great! But if all Jammers can
enter their articles for the News Crew, how come Non-Members haven't won? I
also have noticed that besides the Summer Carnival topic, the other 2
articles are member-related topics. I know that a member will win this one,
because they have a greater advantage at what they can do in order to win
with their articles!
I love Animal Jam, and I love how you guys have started the News Crew,
but when I know that only Members have been chosen and are most likely to
always be chosen, it makes all Non-Members feel excluded! We don't like how
Members act superior to us because they have their fancy badges and have
access to literally everything in Jamaa! But Non-Members, we are limited to
what we can do on Animal Jam.
"Pro" mode on Jamaa Derby? Members-Only for the News Crew, except that
you guys haven't told any of us that!
When I think about it, I feel that you guys purposely put all Jammers can enter the News Crew, but you didn't tell us that Members
would win,
because then you would know that it would upset all of the Non-Members! But
first, you guys should be honest to every Jammer who belongs on Animal Jam,
the only place where kids can be on their wild side! Every Jammer loves
Animal Jam, and to make them tell all of their friends, and people they
know, they should love it even more, such as winning the News Crew, or
finding out about all of the awesome Non-Member included features that are
updated every 2 weeks!
I know you guys will choose members only, but I'm going to keep trying
with my articles sent to the News Crew! Even if you guys actually tell us
that only Members can win the News Crew, I'm still going to try! (Unless
it stopped us)
But hopefully, the Animal Jam Headquarters aren't choosing members only.
I hope you guys judge the winners by their articles, not their accounts!
I hope you guys understand, and I want all of you to know that
Non-Members and Members should be treated equally!
I'm glad you guys (should) be thinking about this,
Jam On!

Feelers; Fauna Toughclaw

Do you want to see their ridiculous response? It didn't have ANY information regarding my letter. Just about thanking for suggestions.

Yup. You guys sure helped with my question.

Maybe if I tell them I was dying they would still say the same thing.

Jam On!


  1. "Amanda" isnt very helpful, neither is "Jamie".

    papad91278's TGQ

    1. I know right.

      Maybe I'll get a Steve, and he'll be helpful....or maybe Bob will come and save the day!

      Jam On! (I made those AJ worker's names up)

    2. Don't forget about "Kelly" :3


    3. Steve is the one who answered my complaint about my account glitch. They fixed it like the next day. Well, except they never got my buddies back, I had to do that:(

      papad91278's the glitch queen

    4. Heh, Katie isn't not much help either...

    5. Josh isn't very helpful either..Like most of them :|

    6. I've spoken to (on the phone) to Josh and Katie and Dillan and another one...who's name I can;t remember XD

    7. only a few are helpful.. i dont know the name but one of them got my snow leopard back.
      P.S. I asked them for my member gift and all they said was that they have diamonds now. I didnt say this, but i was like "I dont care about the diamonds,I want my member gift!" man they have to send me my member gift >:C

  2. Haha! You should do that........ It might get you in trouble..... But still.. They probably would just say......

    Awesome! We here in Animal Jam are glad you are having an awesome time!

    Idiotic response......

    1. Hahaha yeah.

      Like: "I'm having so much fun, having heart attacks and all. Thanks for helping!

      Ahh I'm being weird.

      Jam On!

  3. That happened to me too! I think that Animal Jam HQ doesn't even read that much of it, and they assume what it's gonna mean in the beginning, then has an answer copied! :C

  4. Ugh. What a GREAT response AJ.

  5. Nice letter Feelers! I hope me being a member wouldn't make a difference to you....


    1. Nooo, I don't judge my buds on if they're a member or not!

      Jam On!

  6. 2 days ago I sent a letter to AJHQ about non members entering the news crew too... but AJHQ gave me this! :

    Kelly G, Aug 26 14:12 (MDT):
    Hello Fellow Jammer,

    Thank you for contacting Animal Jam Headquarters! We're sorry to hear you're experiencing some trouble enjoying features available to Jammers with Club Memberships. But don't worry, we will be sure to pass your feedback on.

    Members help us to not only keep Animal Jam going, but they also make it possible for us to keep adding cool, new things to Jamaa, for everyone to enjoy! Members have some exclusive permissions, as our way of thanking them for making Animal Jam possible, but we are happy to tell you that you can continue to play Animal Jam for free, FOREVER!

    As a non-member, you can do all of the following (and more)!:

    - Use our awesome trading tool to trade your buddies for cool items
    - Read awesome facts about plants, animal, and the natural world around you!
    - Go anywhere in Jamaa you want, including the ocean lands
    - Find all the items in your Journey Book pages and receive the gift after you find each item
    - You can play almost any game and earn gems! Some of our personal favorites are: Pill Bugs (in the Sarepia Forest), Fruit Slinger (in Appondale), Overflow (in Crystal Sands), Best Dressed (in Coral Canyons) and Gembreaker (in Mt. Shiveer).
    - Watch all our videos, including Geckos! and Brady Barr!
    - Safely chat to make buddies, and play buddy games
    - Attend all Jamaaliday events and fun parties in Jamaa
    - Have awesome parties in you den
    - Submit your artwork and howls to Jammer Central
    - Dress up your animals
    - Decorate your dens!

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced, and appreciate your feedback. We are constantly working hard to make Jamaa an even more fun, exciting, and safe place for all Jammers!

    Have fun, be safe, and we look forward to seeing you in Jamaa very soon!

    Animal Jam HQ

  7. Wow. Aren't they just soooo helpful? :L
    They never seem to answer my questions either...
    Man AJHQ can be annoying sometimes!

  8. i know i feel like non members are being neglected P.S. to feelers: Ich leibe Speck

  9. Okkkk... i feel ya. My storage was hacked, (It was banned for inapropraite behavoir and items were missing) and i told them that there are VIDEOS where people ACTUALLY SHOW YOU THE HACK works, and they said its un-hackable. Plus, they said NO possible way i could of been hacked... Loooots of help....... :\ ok ya i agree they can be annoying -.-

  10. mine was really helpful i wasnt getting gems from my games i said that and here was what he said

    Josh, Aug 30 09:31 (MDT):
    Hello Fellow Jammer,
    Thank you for taking the time to report this technical issue to us, and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience!
    We have taken the information you have given us, and will use it to improve Jamaa. It is so great to have Jammers like you, who care about the Jamaa and want to make it better!
    We appreciate your help as well as patience, and welcome you to contact us again if you find more issues.
    Animal Jam HQ

  11. I know this is sort of an old post.
    AJHQ is really busy. Do you know how hard it is to make a new item come out every day? To create it and put it in stores? They don't have much time for long personalized emails.

    They did read it, but they cant type a long response, they have a tight schedule. Many jammers send emails about Animal Jam to them every day.

    Sorry if you feel this comment is rude, but it's just how I feel.

    ~A Random Jammer

    P.S. I'm not so sure, but I've heard that Non Members will be able to receive gifts sometime.

    1. Umm... that is why they have a support staff. they have people who work in all the departmeants. They just have an answer for every type of problem

    2. Yeah, they have the artists who draw the items etc, the phone-answerers and email-answeres (same people those 2) etc

  12. I always get that annoying message back or something like that! It hurts that they don't even send a reply that answers your question or something it's like machine generated..

  13. i sent one to this is what i said ( course i added the annoying hello!)


    i have a question for head of HQ why are there members? or member stuff ? most of the stuff is for members and there are a lot of complaints about nonmembers being excluded or treated unfairly with all the cool stuff they get and nonmembers get more things. Ok i get it members get membership and they help the wild cant they just get a name tag like members do now and every thing else for members or at least give free messaging to nonmembers for jam a grams it says it being tested by members and its been like that since may or even before that! i think its totally unfair HQ said every jammer is equal then why are there more things for members or even things for members why do 3D emotes for members please put time out of your busy schedule and answer this properly please it would make may day or every nonmembers day if you changes things like having more dens and animals or at least having 1or 2 pet for there animals or getting to accept gifts from jam a grams accepting gifts should be for every one non members get gifts from winning games from games at other jammers den they send them some are really good gifts but... nonmembers can't accept the gift because there not a member please consider changing some of these things to make jamaa a better place for nonmembers as well as members it will help a lot of nonmembers out or even make there day
    jam on HQ
    -prettyflowers 23

    if they dont read or do anything about it they shouldn't reply at all!!


  14. AJ Always has assigned letters to write. THey cant write there opinions. THey have to choose from a list of things, and see what one suits best.

  15. i have e-mailed them and they just said something about hey, i am sorry you got scammed we will try to get your (fox hat) back as soon as possible. well, i never got my fox hat back until today when i traded my cupcake hat ^_^.
    P.S. to Feelers:Ich liebe Speck


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