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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mine Shaft Door: A Perfect Addition to Your Enchanted Hollow!

This new den item would really go great with your new Enchanted Hollow den, because of the nice decor of crystals, plus, since this den is underground, you can dig for crystals whenever you please!

A Mine Shaft Door! Maybe in a few days we'll get more additions for the Enchanted Hollow....hm....

Also, remember to donate gems for the Monkey Fund in Jamaa! We are very close to getting to 100 Million Gems!

Oh and by the by.... I emailed Animal Jam a long letter about the News Crew, but it mostly argued about the fairness between members and Non-Members. They haven't replied yet, but this post will probably jinx it, so when I check my email again, I'll get a response.

I'll post the response tomorrow. If I get it.

Jam On!


  1. Hey Feelers I was wondering if you could add my blog to your other blogs.. it''s http://animaljamawesomenews.blogspot.com

    If you don't mind but, could you please follow my blog? ^.^

  2. I made mine a rollercoaster O.O



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