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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ruin Path and Ice Rink!

This new item, the Ruin Path is totally amazing! If I was a member I'd buy them o.o

Maybe we're getting some "Zios" items now, eh?

But only one of these things is 450 gems! Spendy!

Also, this is just a den spotlight to Epic07, for his "cool" ice rink den!

You can only guess who said "Bacon!" ;)

Oh and one more thing...

So a very very very very very long time ago in a Jamaa world far away.........(not really)

I was scammed by a girl name madelise. She was a Jammer, I am NOT lying, and she took my crown.

Here is her now:

She is no longer a Jammer! She must have been banned forever, or she deactivated her account!

I call these Phantoms. They're dark and unknown.

Oh wait I just noticed something.

The Jammers that haven't been on for more that 30 days probably get automatically removed!

4 of my awesome buddies are now Phantoms! AGHHH!

I also saw some more of these on Omnipotence's blog. Click here to get there!

That's all for now Jammers!

Jam On!


  1. I seriouslly dislike how er 30 days my friends arent on AJ AJHQ takes their account away...
    My buddy had to re-make their account,when they were gone for vacation.And his account that was taken away was a member and he still had 2 months left...I guess its a matter of business :)


    papad91278's the glitch queen, playing PHANTOM FIGHTER!

  3. Oh my tube socks! This happened to my best friend, aaronsnow! And it was SOO cool meeting you, Feelers! I never thought you would actually want to meet me! Awesome!

    Jamm Onn! (check out my NEW blog, animaljamspark.webnode.com ! )



    1. It was so cool meeting you too! :D

      Jam On!

  4. Really Aj take away acounts for being gone for thirty days:( Well I guess they need room for the millions of Jammers out there!

  5. I call them grey tigers! :D I am very original. (not)

    Anyways, from what I have seen of these mysterious (as you call them) phantoms, I have realized that they are probably accounts ANIMAL JAM has deactivated because they haven't been on for a long time!

    I tried deactivating one of my accounts, but I wasn't a grey tiger! I was wondering if they had gotten banned forever, but one of my storage accounts I had abandoned was a "phantom", and I never ever did anything wrong!

    Hope this helps! :)


  6. Oh and, (from last comment) I heard that once you go back on the account, it inactivates automatically! I could try it.. but I really don't feel like inactivating the storage account I abandoned (because I typed the wrong email for the account)... and if you want to see the account that I own, it is called urnice (the name kind of sounds weird.. btw you say it as "You're nice". :D


    1. Hehehe ni-ice Jammie :D

      I haven't had a deactivated account before, but my new Storage, PoeSoulFeelers I haven't been on for a few days. Ugh.

      Jam On!

  7. My awesome best friend was deleted!!!!!!!!!! HER USER IS smallo2!

  8. Hey Feelers! Don't worry about phantoms! Becouse i maked a account and i forgetten it! Then i saw on my other account and the account was bacamed a phantom! When i logged in the phantom account i could play animal jam normaly

  9. When you said they take away account after 30 days THAT NOT TRUE my mom ban me from animal jam from the beginning of summer vacation to August 1 and I have a super old account. It still works. I think what happens is when they are reported they turn gray and when it wears off they go back to normal.

  10. This is what i call "the grey" me and my bff, Lizzyc2 r trying to stop it.

  11. LizzyC2 is my friend; i met her in madjasters den when i was helping chochole, another one of my best friends :D she knows a lot about the grey. I wanted to see what the gray looks like if its on your buddy list. Well most of her buddies were offline for more than 30 days 0-0 well i looked at the bottom users...... sure enough they were taken over by the grey. Even my cousins bff AjDj was deactive :( So i made a team against the grey. Even the beta of lizzy's pack, Crul was taken over. The only option u have if the grey is on ur list is to delete them. If too many users disappear it could be the end of aj. The grey tiger is sick when i found it out.... so be prepared jammers. Oh, and Lizzy if ur reading this this is howlwolf20. Btw chocholes membership expired :( well, anyways see ya jammers and jam on :D

  12. Hey everyone they took the sad symbol away for limited chatters. Oh and i made up a song about phantoms and the evil gray. Here goes. Be prepared for the phantoms and the tiger that will eat ur soul.its THE GREY!!!!!!!!!! NEVER QUIT AJ UNLESS U WANT TO GET TAKEN OVER!!!!!!!!! BY THE GRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -howlwolf20 btw awesome blog

  13. Hey jammers, i made a new account and it was deactive. Its not gray right now
    But soon me, you, chochole, tobby2296, LizzyC2,dreylinga, sade80, smurf, and all you jammers can help :D

  14. Hey Jammers. Guess what. When i looked at my sisters buddy list, more than half of them were unactive phantoms taken over 0-0. Evrn my friend in real is gray. Fauna, when was the first time you noticed the gray? -howlwolf20(again)

  15. Tobby2296 was on a long time ago.... i miss her, shes lizzycs sis. Im gonna ask her to put tobby on :D

  16. Famous AJ Clans CreekClan- xxwarriorclancatxx FireClan-Elove20000 DeathClan-wolf408 SwiftClan- HoloTheWolf BloodClan- laet FernClan- idk Thunderclan- idk VenomClan- green something SoulClan- burned OwlClan- fluffypuff24 RavenClan-toby15 BlizzardClan- idk all 4 now ill make descriptions later howlwolf20- Willowfur

  17. Sorry feelers to brake the news but see my cousins account went all black like that.... I quickly told her to get back on... She logged on and everything was fine. It's just like it's frozen.... Not deleted or removed just frozen.... I figure that it's just for animal jam to save room.. animal jam can delete but it's I guess maybe against the rules. -partyanimalzz


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