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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tree Sink Thing and News Crew Winner!

Sorry for this post being late, but I just wasn't in the mood to post because I had a tooth pulled, so my mouth was numb and sore a little bit. But it was fun :D

Anyway, here is today's new item, a Tree Stump Sink!

Okay, this item's a little......weird, but in a funny way. It would go with your house-y Tree Collection for your Hollow!
The price doesn't seem that bad, although it does depend on how big it is.

Plus, the News Crew winner has finally been posted!

The winner is Eternal Frozenstone! I have no idea who they are though >-<

Also, I'm angry because I'm beginning to think that they're only choosing members. I mean really? This is getting way out of hand. Members Only for ALL JAMMERS to enter the News Crew?
I'm in a rage right now. I'm gonna go before I throw a dumptruck outta winder.

Jam On!


  1. Eternal FrozenStone is Snowyclaw, leader of the Jamaasian Movement that I DO support.


    1. Ohh okay, thanks for telling me!

      I don't support the Jamassian Movement, I don't know, I just like Jamaa right now.

      Jam On!

    2. You are very welcome. It is fine, everyone has their own opinions! Thats what makes us SPECIAL AND UNIQUE!


  2. I know right! It seems like AJ doesn't even care about non members. They could of brought back Coral Corner but no, They made a whole shop to buy dens, when you can just venture to your house and buy one then! Also Epic Wonders is literally and all member thing except when people complained to they added 3 or 4 non member items. I wish non members could have some cool stuff now and then. I bet when the Shamans come back or whatever non members will be partly left out Non members can't even have Epic Dens... Even though, some are completely awesome!!

  3. Yeah... I am beginning to think that they are only choosing members D: I entered and I couldn't choose a photo of me as a fox because I'm a non member D: So I had to choose a real picture of a real fox... D:


  4. Feelers,
    I know you are correct. I entered both times and I think that they are just picking members.
    Are u entering?

  5. io got so sick of aj treating nm bad i got a membership and when a nm wants me to change a color of an i tem i do it for them alot of other people r mean to nm tho :/ its kind of sad.

    -a person :)


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