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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tip: Writing an Article for the Daily Explorer!

Hey all you Jammers!

Now, I know a lot of you guys would be dying to be part of the Daily Explorer News Crew, because I know I am!

Here are some tips you can jot down on a notepad, but if you would rather brainstorm yourself, don't click the spoil button!
Well here are some tips to help with your article, and maybe you'll become the next new News Crew member!

  1. Never use text talk. Saying something such as, "Whut's up Jammerz, it's pamperscruisers heer nd i luv pi," is totally wrong for an article!
  2. Don't say "Today I'm going to talk about...." This is hard to explain why you shouldn't use it, but these are very bad intros for an article!
  3. Get your grammar right! Ugh. I hear Jammers say this a lot: "I has some rares." I um, think you mean have.
  4. Stay on topic! Don't go off on your own anecdote, talking about how you just love the pet turtles around Jamaa. You, of course, can say you love pet turtles, but don't tell them stories! They want tips and info, not stories!
  5. Don't end abruptly or start off abruptly! Don't start an article with: "Start taking care of your turtle by..." and don't end like, "Then your turtle is happy when it's fed! Bye Jammers!" Start and finish the articly smoothly!
  6. Don't talk about your AJ life, or blog. This article has 4 reasons to be posted: To inform, entertain, and darn I forgot the other two.... but don't say, "Bye Jammers! Oh and check out my blog at blahblahanimaljam.blogspot.com!" or say something like, "I'm super rare and popular! Come buddy me and surround me AND ALL THAT JUNK."
  7. Take awesome notes! You may know a bunch about the topic, but research should also be a key to writing a great article! Whip out that notepad and jot down some notes!
  8. Proofread and Edit! When you're finished writing your article, read over it. Do you think Jammers would like this article? Is it fun to read? Or boring? Does the word limit pass 250 words? Make sure you change any errors, take away unnecessary sentences or extra words. Fixing errors and stuff does wonders for your article!
  9. Be a happy writer! Be pumped and happy! Add some exclamation points! You love Animal Jam, why not express it?
Now then. Here's an example of a bad article for.....the Summer Carnival:

"Hey Jamerz! the summer carnival is lots of fun nd i luv it soooo much! u know y? cause theres games and toys and pri5es! guess what else? i love to eat broPOOPcili! u cant find brocili at the sc, but u can in ur frige!
also, i love cotton cady. its @ the sumr crnical!
jam on my peepz!"

Terrible. Okay seriously, it was hard for me to write this, since it's an instinct to have better grammar than that!

Now, you wanna see my entry for the Summer Carnival article? It's VERY BAD, just to warn you guys.
I LOVED RainbowRider's article; It was amaz-a-zing!

"Hey Jammers! Fauna Toughclaw here, with pawesome news on the Summer Carnival!
When you visit the Summer Carnival any day during the summer, you can have all kinds of fun with buddies, or even by yourself!
Packed with games and pawesome prizes, the Summer Carnival is THE place to be for all Jammers during the summertime!
Scoring points in Phantom Ball, helping Jamaa by whacking phantoms in Whack-A-Phantom, or catching candy for buddies and tickets in Candy Catch, doing art at Print and Play, or making and eating delicious Cotton Candy, the Summer Carnival is the best activity to enjoy during your Jamtastic adventures in Jamaa!
Remember, winning tickets at the Summer Carnival allows you to get amazing prizes such as a Kite, Plushies that are only available at the Summer Carnival, and a Carousel Hat! But who knows? Maybe some pawesome new prizes will be coming soon….
Remember, the Summer Carnival is only going to be in Jamaa for the summer, so make sure you visit the Summer Carnival today and have a Jamtastic time!
Jam On!"

Yes. That's another bad example written by me. I've learned though after reading this 3 more times.

I hope these tips help you guys!

Jam On!


  1. That is actually REALLY GOOD!!!! I loved it!

  2. Hi the article you did is pretty good not bad. HELP though i really need to know how to send it in i know how to do the screen shot and stuff but help i dont know how to send it! AAH!!

  3. ☺•ⓣⓗⓐⓝⓚⓢ‎​•☺ for the tips! It is useful! But how to submit the screenshot? Must I submit it at the "submit picture" icon? Or I must use another way?
    T♓ªΏk ƴƠƲ and jam on!

  4. some of does ideas are inspired by meh and chutes i think well the random happy birthday and the rollercoaster thing are

    papad91278's the glitch queen

    1. Sorry wrong post O.O

      papad91278's da glitch queen

  5. I did the "I LOVE BACON!" thing. I'm also putting dynamite in the forest! XD


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