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Daily Updates

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Coral Necklace!

Today's RIM is a Rare Coral Necklace, available in Bahari Bargains! (Members)


Today is Rare Item Monday, and today is another underwater item!

Okay, this looks oddly familiar.
And 600 Gems?!? It's a NECKLACE.

I also made another storage account, PoeSoulFeelers, and I found out that this is a secret eye color, and it isn't available for choosing:

You can tell that it's a gray-ish color, and you can't choose it, only black, and I think a gray color.
To get this color, first buy a NEW wolf. Then click on the Eye Tab. The color won't be on the Color Palette!

And remember, the New Features/Updates come next week!
Also, the News Crew winning Jammer hasn't come out yet, but it should be soon!

Jam On!


  1. too bad the item is for members :(

    P.S. i really yelled MOM I FOUND A MONKEY EATING THE MUSTARD! and did 10 jumping jacks, no lie!

  2. omg anonymous me 2 me mom what like u r crazy when i said i feel a disturbance in my socks

  3. Awesome! ...I want to buy a new wolf now haha

  4. Hey Jammers!
    It works with seals too, and tigers. Their eye color is not one you can choose! Also, when you buy a seal, their skin color isn't a regular color either! :P

    Jamm Onn! (Check out my blog, please! http://animaljamspark.webnode.com/ )


  5. Diego:"I happen to be a world-known assasin."
    Sid: "Diegopoo, I made you another Coral Necklace, he keeps losing them."

    Lol, this just ran through my head

    papad91278's the glitch queen LOVES PIE!

    1. oh and if i happen to get something that you regularly wear i will be sure to give it to you for poesoulfeelers



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