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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Animal Jam "Memberism"

I've noticed some Members saying things for Members Only...

I've noticed Jammers saying these things around Jamaa:


"Awesome party in my den members only!"

Okay, this one I SERIOUSLY found one day in Jamaa Township:

"Hot girls come to my den if u a member"

I mean seriously! Well first off, this is gross, asking something like that.....

But mostly, Jammers shouldn't be judging other Jammers on if they are a member or not!

Here's a letter I got in my Advice Column (Now switching the name to Mailbag)

"Dear Feelers,

Jammers keep making fun of me because I'm a non-member and that I should just quit playing AJ since it's obviously 'a waste of my time.' But I don't think that and I know that those Jammers just want me to quit. I've met them before and they were really mean to me. What should I tell them or do?"
These Member Jammers were making fun of this Jammer, just because they were a Non-Member! I think this is getting way out of hand, because I saw 2 Member Jammers saying this in Coral Canyons:


Members didn't make Animal Jam, but they do support it. But doesn't mean they're superior to Non-Members just because they have a special nametag and have access to to newer Member Only Features.

But I'm not saying that every single member is bad, because I was a member too.

There are LOTS of members who are really nice, and buy different colored Non-Member clothing for Non-Members!

Just a heads up, Jammers!

Oh and also, I'm deleting some unnecessary pages, such as "I've Seen Beta Days" and some other stuff, so it's easier to see things on the blog.

Jam On Fairly!


  1. Where did you get that font? I've been searching for it for soooo long!

    1. Hmmmm here's a hint, because it also took me forever ;)

      It's on a TV show which you'll probably figure out by tomorrow ;)

      Jam On!

    2. I saw someone saying members vs. non members my den! Please come!
      I got teased by one of my buddies because i was a non member.

  2. Yeah, Ikr! It's so sad... I would say "go behind our differences" but seriously, we have no differences basically... and I used to (when I was a non member) want to adopt pets and stuff, but they were like: "Members only!!" And I was like, wow, okay... that's sad. It's so sad that people are thinking non members are like under members! :(

  3. I am not one of those members who think I'm better than non members, but sometimes non members beg for something and expect me to use my hard earned money to buy them something and give to to them for free (I mean sending, I'm serious) And I'm like "You won't be able to accept it, and you could go and earn it (in a nice way :L)" And then they are like "You are so mean and selfish and a big baby!" But of course many non members are nice, kind, caring, understanding, etc. :|

    P.S. to Feelers: Ich leibe (I love bacon! Oh... how do you say you love waffles too? :L)


    1. Thanks Jammie :D

      You're the one of the nicest Members I know!

      Hmmm along with Omnipotence, RainbowRider, Papad91278, reds565......this list goes on forever :D

      Oh and here is how you would say "I love..." in German:

      I love waffles=Ich liebe Waffeln
      I love Pie=Ich liebe Kuchen
      I love Ice Cream=Ich liebe Eiscreme

      On the comment To Do, I also spelled "Liebe" wrong...gotta change that!

      Jam On!

    2. Awww thanks Feelers

      papad91278's the glitch queen <3 :)

  4. I know, and that is seriously wrong. Once, I felt so bad for non members, that I went to Jamaa Township and said, "Non-members, Im giving away my colored items! If you need them my den!!" A few members went there, but just for my rares. I love non-members, because they're less selfish, less greedy, kinder, and don't expect much from other jammers. All members want is rares, and here all non members want is colored items. I don't get it!!! Then, when new non-members come, sometimes they're annoying, but I feel so bad for them, that I treat them a little bit better than I'd treat some of my greatest friends. It's just because they've never been treated nicely before.. Well, sorry for the long comment.


  5. I did that once cause I needed someone who could change colors.
    I hope that was ok.

  6. So true...
    One I REALLY don't like is the "going out" on AJ.
    Jammers asked me "Whats wrong with going out on AJ?!"
    First of all,it's disgusting.
    Second,its INAPPROPRIATE.
    Third,why exactly do Jammers even WANT to go out on a virtual game,created basically for children who want to discover more about Nature.
    Fourth,this reason,and the reason I don't actually EVER EVER let my younger siblings go on AJ anymore(and they were ALL members).Is because all five of them learned inappropriate things on AJ from other Jammers who encourage "going out" on AJ.
    Something REALLY REALLY needs to be solved on things like this on AJ.-_-

    1. oh i so totally agree with u

  7. I just reported 2 people for saying MEMBERS ONLY!
    I hope they learn their lesson

    papad91278's the glitch queen is feeling I TOLD YOU SOEY

  8. yeah.. i keep seeing hey... your cute... or there are discrimination to girls. guys go to the bridge to break it..
    im a guy and i wouldn't want to go.
    because my only friends in real life are girls because i feel bad because people talk bad about em. uhh.. srry for taking your time. peace!

  9. Um Feelers, when I clicked mailbag it said "Sorry the page you were looking for on this blog does not exsist"

    papad91278's the glitch queen

  10. I couldn't identify the giraffe, but i saw a giraffe say "MEMBER CLAN AT MY DEN!"


  11. That is really cruel! That's like cyberbullying! I'm a member and non members would pick on me and say mean stuff to me because they think i'm rude because i'm a member.Well, that's what they think, the obvously judge other people once they see them! I was a non member too you know! Remember, don't judge a book by it's cover.


  12. I was a nonmember for 6 months. Members kept bullying me and all that. 1 member was nice enough to buy me a blue old hood. I was so grateful!!!! This Augest I got membership and nonmembers started saying I'm mean and a baby!!! :( They don't even know me!!! I'm the kind of kid whose generous hardworking and caring. 1 day I bought a nonmember a colored item and then like 50 nonmembers came up and told me to buy them colored stuff! I had like 6,000 gems that I was saving for a den!! Nonmembers can sometimes be rude.

  13. ya. im still a member i got it in 2011 and i got auto-renew. and, my best friends on animal jam are non-members!2 of my friends from real life on AJ r non-members (1 goes to my school and the 1 lives on my floor)
    threr users are: jyl2002 (goes to my school) and crocksrock120 (lives on my floor)
    -wolfhea73601 (he gave me a spiked collar :D) but he lonly goes ion when he visits me :l
    -wolflead73601 (srry long comment)

  14. ya. 1 person tried to scam my spike with telling me if i did so then i could be mira. i was playing along and pretending to beleive it until we were gonna trade. i dont remember the user but i know they were a snow leopard.


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