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Monday, February 11, 2013


Hey Jammers!

I've been hearing around several blogs that raccoons are coming to Jamaa. Did Animal Jam announce that or is it just a rumor? If they are coming, then that will be pretty exciting, but they will most likely be for Members only...

What kinds of new features do YOU (yes, I'm talking to you) want to be discovered in Jamaa?

Also, on my "Howl Out To Non-Members" blog, I made the first post, even though I made that blog forever ago... The blog also hasn't had its design edited, so it will look really blah.

Jam On and may the Triforce be with you!


  1. (First Comment) Yes, AJHQ did announce it in a puzzle. I saw the picture, and it looks almost exactly like the hat! I don't really have any idea what it's specials will be, I just wanted to confirm that this is really happening.

    -PandaPantsX3, who STILL doesn't have L.O.Z.

    1. I think its a bear maybe

    2. It has been announced that it is a raccoon. Sorry, but if you look in the newspaper, and complete the puzzle, it shows a picture of a raccoon.


  2. Yes, in the Animal Jam news if you complete the puzzle its a raccoon. I don't know whether it's coming out to everyone or just members, but nonmembers can be a fox, just color the raccoon differently, if they release it to everyone.

  3. Its not a rumor..... Animal Jam just announced it, but I hope that the raccoons are for everyone!

    1. i made a raccoon pack join it my username CatsYay607


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