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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Animation Film

Hey Jammers,

my mind has been wandering, and I've been thinking that I really want to make an animation (a little more realistic animation than Animal Jam) of wolves.

So you see that picture? That's the kind of real animation I'm talking about.

So technically I would be taking this...

and turning it into an animation that looks like that. 

The Plot:

Many Jammers have read or are reading the Warriors series. I started it and liked it, but then kind of quit reading it. I'm thinking about getting back into it! :)

So similar to the Warriors series, except it's not at the same time.

What will be needed:

This animation will need lots of different things. 
  • A story
  • A writer for the story (probably me and some helpers)
  • The animation site to create the animation itself
  • Drawings and sketches
Of course, there might be more that I'm missing.

So this is just what I have been thinking about. If you know of any animation sites that could do something like that, or if you would like to help, please submit an email to me by clicking on the red mailbox!

I'm now continuing in receiving and replying to emails.

Thanks you guys! I really hope I can create a short preview to the film SOMEHOW.


  1. It says it's reached the maximum number of entries, but I would love to help with the story or writing. :)

    That sounds like an awesome idea! :)

    1. Gahh. I have to fix that.

      And thanks! I would love some help!

    2. May I help with the writing/ideas, too? I love the Warriors-like theme idea, and I think this is going to be awesome! ^-^

    3. I could help with the plot and writing, and maybe the sketches- is that ok?


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