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Daily Updates

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's Update 1!

The first Valentine's Update is here with a bunch of new stuff!

First, the Penguins will be coming out in 2 weeks for the next update!

And lion plushies are the new gift for February!

Here are the new clothes:

In Jamaa Clothing:

Here is the new den item:

I think there is an item in the Chamber of Knowledge but I'm too lazy to go there. :)

Here are just some of the new updates:
            Those are 2 of the new clothes coming probably next update.

A new contest has opened up for Jammers!
 You now have the opportunity to design Jam-A-Grams!

And a new Sol Arcade has opened in place of the Medical Center!

To shorten the post, I'll make a separate post for the Sol Arcade.

Note: Every Monday will be Rare Item Monday! There will be one new rare in the Jam Market Clothing for that Monday only!


  1. They have no new items in the Chamber of Knowledge, just the pirate chest.

  2. Please check out this AWESOME blog. It is NOT mine.

  3. Feelers,
    Are you going to stop posting all together? I understand what you mean though...I try not to be on the computer for more than 30 minutes at a time.

  4. feelers my arctic can zap u shes the phantom queen


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