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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog Testing

 Over the next few days or so, I'm going to be testing the blog with different templates, so it might look weird for a while.

 Just a notice.

 Okay, I'm done with this post.

 I said I'm done.

 Okay seriously.

 Bye bye.



  1. ok this is about the "can you get a glove in claw" and i got it!!!!! im serious! it was a creme colored glove (but i didnt really like that color so traded it for a differnt one) i was really suprised! oh my username is lumack200: i will trade anyone a glove for either a worn or a locket but after i ahev got both i will not do it again.

    and i think yu can breack ice sort of stuff becuse aj DID NOT say you can do it just they are not handing out free stuff
    p.s. this is like my fave blog ever!

    1. i got a glove from the claw at the trading party too! except it was a purple one... my user's jammie263!

  2. Hi feelers........
    I just look at the claw machine glove page............. i do have a black glove from the TRADING PARTY claw.......... just so you know that.

  3. feelers what if we want to report a scammer to you along with a picture of the scammer? can we send it to you? also what if we have a glitch to report to you? along with a picture?

  4. I like the Earth template a lot...it looked pretty cool...just a suggestion.


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