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Daily Updates

Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

AJ Update

Another update with a new pet, a new animal coming soon, a new den, new clothes, new.....

                 A new animal is coming soon...It looks like some kind of bird, of course. What do you think it is?

                       And you can now purchase snake pets!

                       An an Ol' Barn for your horse and other horses!

              And Mythical Arcticstar designed this flag for the Animal Jam Flag shop!

        And Trading Parties and Dinner Parties have come to Jamaa!

   Like Golden Gloves and a ring......

                   And Facts for the Journey Book in the Lost Temple of Zios!

         In Jam Mart Clothing, Heart Glasses, Bunny hats, and Mohawks!

In Jam Mart Furniture, Rope, Pitchfork, Hay Bales, Wooden Fences, Sunflowers, and Troughs!

Also, Phantom's Treasure is available for Double Gems!

And there are 5 new Jam-A-Grams!


  1. Feelers can i put up another account named "FeelersFanatic" cause my 2 accounts the main and the storage one are already full. i will copy the pattern but not the colors and the eyes ``` FunnyBunnyTeny

    1. Sorry, but I would think that would make people suspicious...one of my friends already thought my storage was an imposter, and one for WitchHatBunny was a fan and impostered her....

  2. The animal is a penguin can u update in April soon!!!!!!!!! I really love yo blog but u never update PPPLLLLZZZZ UPDATE UR COOL AWESOME BLOG!!!!!! Add me im Liltabby73

    1. ya this is old (no offense i want to see what beta was like)
      and eagles came after deer

  3. by the way i am a girl my username is sourlolipop and pwease update in july to august it would be awesome i luv ya blog but pwease pwease pwease update

  4. P. S. to Feelers ich liebe speck
    plz reply feelers it's my dream


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