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Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Pages

  I'm creating another page called "The 'In' Rares", a page for the rares that are the most popular now on Animal Jam. Please please do not make a bunch of requests for me! It will be really hard to keep up with the rares that people love. I'll only put the rares that people constantly beg others for, not a rare that people aren't exactly crazy about.

 And there is one that's already out, called "Beware the Scammers....." it shows the most common ways that a scammer scams. I suggest you guys read it, in case there are highly complex ways that somebody could scam you!

 If you have a picture of a rare that I can't get, I'll ask for one!



  1. Feelers--

    Rainbow Rider said you had a Mini skull mask.... I do to that is a really rare item would you mind putting it on???

  2. Mini Skull Mask? I don't know what that is....


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