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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stop Bullying!

(Also a post request from kittykat91112)

There have been some bullying incidents on Animal Jam, but also in the world.
For all you bullies out there, for your information, bullying causes people pain physically, mentally, and emotionally. Also, in the past few years, bullying has lead to suicide. (For those of you who don't know what suicide is, it's when somebody kills themselves.)
 I have heard some of my friends on Animal Jam saying that they have suicidal thoughts because of bullying, stress, and pressure, like from trading. Well not to be mean to you guys, but Animal Jam is kind of a dumb reason to be thinking about that.
 Bullying hurts people, so if Animal Jam is causing you to think about this, the best thing is to stop playing it!
 Yes, Animal Jam is a fun website for kids, but in my opinion, if Animal Jam causes people to have suicidal thoughts, Animal Jam should be shut down.

To stop bullying:

  • Tell the bully to stop; if they don't, leave. It may be tempting to say something bad back, but it makes the situation worse.
  • Report and ignore them, and leave the area!
  • Email Animal Jam HQ about it at support@animaljam.com
  • If you see a friend being bullied, stand up for them! Tell the bully to stop bothering them!
  • When a bully says something mean to you, like "Your ugly", it doesn't mean you really are! They could be jealous, or it's because they have problems and are taking it out on you.
  • Don't let their mean sayings get to you. Don't think, "What if I really am ugly?" because no matter who you are, you are not ugly!
  • Don't be telling a bunch of other people, because the bully could just be having a bad day. Maybe they are really a kind person who has lots of friends!

Think about this. Don't keep thinking about bullying. If you are suffering from bullying in your real life, talk to a parent and the principal at school. (If it is at school) Don't think that "telling on the bully" will make you uncool, because it's the bully who isn't cool!


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    1. hahahah ITS TRUE


  2. Totally! By the way...you can get some ideas from my blog's Psychology Help's "Bullying" topic. I wish there were some ways people could just know, suicide is not worth it. It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I just don't get why people get cracked up easily.

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    1. Oh? That seems a little strange, "Sizzlerat". First, you don't say what day. Second you don't say what time zone. Look out people. This person might be a scammer or an impostor!

  5. Y'all suicide is never worth ANYTHING. Nuff said. You should never want to die because of a childish game(I'm sorry no offense intended but seriously it's a game) I was bullied a couple of years ago which was my 7th grade year of middle school but I never said anything to the girls, I would just look past them or every time I was near them I would just smile and laugh and look at them to make sure they saw how happy and joyful I was and how their propaganda, rumors, and dumbness didn't affect me what so ever even though it really did deep down inside. Y'all shouldn't let those children bother you that much. I completely agree with Feelers that if there are kids on Animal Jam that are hurting your feelings you need to report them, tell your parents(no joke I luckily told my mom the first day I stopped being friends with one girl...that one friendship break up caused a bunch of girls to bully me/dislike me...and obviously later on it got worse and worse. Through that time though I really figured out who were my fake friends and who were my real friends, and you need to get off the game for a while)please if you are dead serious about committing suicide don't please:'( that hurts ME sooo very much that you would want to kill yourself for someone else's dumbness, rudeness, and jealousy of you. Statistics say that kids that bully most likely have a low self esteem of themselves. Thank you Feeler for posting this:) <3

    1. although i would never think of killing myself, i had problems ever since kindergarten, its like regular for me to come home with ANOTHER problem, i got almost all my fake and true friends sorted, accept for two, one i really dont know and the other will most likely make it to true, but really i dont really have a clue why im so different from the rest, and one person giggles at me just cuz i hav to wait to get braces (my front teeth stick out like a rodent T_T) and i think the reason why my parents dont invite anyone to my birthday parties is that somehow they know all my problems, im really emotional and always show how i feel, i always try to get the back of the line so i can find a spot thats away from the others and call one of my friends i truly trust over, but as long as i have one friend it should be fine, i pray that she will be in next year's class. Feelers, this helped me alot

  6. feelers i love ur blog

  7. I get ignored and bullied a lot at school, but I don't care, because I am DIFFERENT and I LIKE it that way! Why can't bullies understand that we need people to be unique, otherwise everything would be boring? And killing yourself just makes things worse; it makes bullies think "Haha, I can do this to anyone" and you can't say a thing about it.
    A message to bullies:
    Don't be a murderer by bullying. There is still time to redeem yourself.

    1. i applaud that last part you said Piplup131415. "Don't be a murderer by bullying."

  8. dude if animal jam closes your bog will need to shut down cause no one can use your hints

  9. Today I was bullied on AJ... And Trolled. Not pranked, but real trolling... some people stayed in my den and kept calling me a girl and actually called me some pretty bad names... like curse words... and said EXTREMELY bad stuff, but I didn't say bad stuff back. Instead I asked my friends to come help, and EVENTUALLY the trolls left. (after 20 minutes) and my friend recorded it. One of the trolls user was bailey1120 and our users were Sirjamalot and Polarclan. Im so glad its over, it just happened today...

  10. Well, I haven't been BULLIED. I just stood up for a friend that was bullied. Well, they were real rude. Their users were lugnut424 Greengem, and Arctic girl. Report them, for LIEING as well, swearing, calling me poor, and scamming, plus calling me names. Gosh, bullies I have something to say to YOU. Get a life, like NOW. You need one.

    "treat others how YOU would like to be treated"~ awesomepossem113

  11. plz report 4563aryanne she is so rude and she was bullyinh bebemira plz report her

  12. yeah, they might of been hacked too and the hacker would say mean things on the person's acc


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