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Monday, January 16, 2012

Temple of Zios Glitch

Here is the Walk on Walls Temple of Zios glitch:

First, stand right here, under the bug sign:

Then, click the door to Brady Barr's Lab:

Then, before you get to the door, hurry and click the switch animals button and click the animal you are using, because it will be faster. Then, click and go up the column thing next to the door.
Remember, make sure you click up the column to get on the roof.


  1. Ummm u might want to know that an has fixed all the glitches and not one person can do any. This is very disappointing as lots of people loved doing them and exploring new places... Please contact me as my name is logan1999 for more information about this. Thxs

  2. Hey Feelers! There is a glitch you might want to know about. If I see you on I will try to show you. Mkay? Well, I will see you on sometime. :)

  3. They changed that Glitch. Now its window door window door.


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