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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Emeralds and Spirit Gloves for May Day

Hey Jammers!

It's the first of May, finally! Only a while longer until school ends, and summer comes around, to enjoy basking in the sun, going to the beach, and for me.....playing Zelda.

But today in Jamaa is a special day of the month, because, first of all, Emerald birthstones are available in Epic Wonders!

These are really pretty birthstones! Any Jammers out there who's birthday is in May? :D

And all Members get their monthly gift- this month is the Spirit Glove to match your Spirit outfit!

And for some odd reason the picture is being stupid so I can't make it bigger.

But anyway, the Spirit Glove looks like a modified version of the Mummy Glove that was released to go along with the Member gloves as the very first Monthly Member Gift in 2011!

On the Daily Explorer, there's some neat Jammer art:

That's pretty much it for today, Jammers. Nothing much is going on around Jamaa, but the new land should be coming out next week!

Jam On!


  1. I think it's a modified version of a nonmember glove, not a mummy glove. The nonmember gloves have spikey things on them and so do spirit gloves.

    1. That's true, I was trying to say something like that.

  2. Fee..fee..feelers? Wow... I really sould check these blogs more. Anyway, i just noticed ur back >.< BTW, if anyone wants my items on AJ, tell me.... i haven`t logged on in nearly 6 months

    1. Yeah, a bunch of Jammers had thought I quit, when I was just gone because I didn't have computer access!

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