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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Courage Points

Courage points are the points that Jammers work up to in their Level Bar when they play an adventure.

I'm currently on level 20, and since I just got level 20 once I completed an adventure, I'm going to count the number of courage points you need to complete each level!

I'm obviously not to level 21 yet, because I just started playing adventures this morning, but I'm getting somewhere.

That's where I am right now, after playing Return of the Phantoms, Meet Cosmo, and The Phantom Portal (before the slide glitch made me leave).
I also play all of the levels on Hard mode, so I get the maximum number of Courage Points within each adventure!

Here are the maximum number of CP (that's Courage Points, by the by) for each adventure. (Since I'm a Non-Member, these are only the Non-Member adventures). These numbers are also approximate, which means that they aren't exact. Some of you who have arctic wolves or tigers are capable of opening new areas for the treasures, which will give you an extra 5+ Courage Points.

Return of the Phantoms(Hard): 300 Courage Points
Meet Cosmo(Hard): 940 Courage Points
The Phantom Portal(Hard): 430 Courage Points

Note that the Phantom Portal only has 430 CP so far, because the slide glitch in the cavern at the end of the level always makes me have to leave the adventure. I sure wish they would fix this glitch...
Note again that all of these CP come from completing everything in the adventure (trapping all phantoms, watering all plants, etc.)

I'll tell you all when I get the approximate number of CP that you need to complete a whole level before you level up.

I also just really like how they show that you level up. It makes me feel neeeew!

Also, with each 8 levels that you complete, you receive another heart in your heart bar. (Levels 8, 16, 24, 32, and so on)

I'm getting a little bored and want to post more often. What should I post?

Jam On!


  1. Lvl 20 already and u started this morning wow im only lvl 9 at highest GOod Job :D

    1. I meant that I just got to level 20 today. I started leveling up once Adventures came out, but good job to you! It does take quite some time to level up that high! :)

      Jam On!

  2. :) Feelerssssss :)

    I keep sending u mail, and whenever i look at ur profile on my buddy list, uve ALWAYS already been on -.-

    U shud port about randomness around Jamaa :)


    1. I'm sorry! We might be in different time zones. I wish I could see you!

  3. im on level 7 I leveled up when I was on an adventure with you XD

  4. I don't play adventures because I don't like my computer glitching all the time :( :( :( well im still on level 7, [so close] :( :) :):

  5. when I get on I allways look to see you are online on my buddy list :3

  6. In meet cosmo there is an unlimited amount of courage points. This is because there is one koala that will give you ten courage points every time you give him an orange (from cosmo's garden) and 15 gems.


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