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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kimbara Outback Journey Guide

This is a little late.

Here are the animals that can be found in the newest land, Kimbara Outback.

Blue Penguin
This little guy is found next to the waterfall.

This harmful bird is found in the background of Kimbara, by the entrance.

This spiky ball of mammal is found on the rock below the Clinic.

Frilled Lizard
This tiny lizard runs under the boardwalk.

This pretty bird sits on the top of the Clinic.

This bird also sits on the Clinic, but by the door.

As you can see, my skills in drawing are legendary.
This bird with long tails sits in the tree just right of the waterfall.

This mammal swims across the stream by the waterfall.

Sugar Glider
This teeny animal crawls up the windmill by the Clinic.

Tiger Snake
This snake pops its head out next to the Clinic.

Trapdoor Spider
This spider pops out of its nest left of the Clinic.

Your prize is the same windmill that appears in Kimbara Outback!

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