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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Few More Blogging Tips

Hey Jammers! This may be a bit off-topic, but I've thought up some more tips for any Blogger out there. :)                 1) Be confident, but not conceited. When you're blogging, don't say that you have such a totally awesome blog and everybody should be reading it. In contrast, don't be the one who always says that your own blog is the worst! Readers like good, confident Bloggers that are true to what they post, not the ones who think they're better than everyone else!           2) Don't be a "quitter". The new catch-phrase for those Bloggers or Jammers is "quitting". Do you want to be a quitter? Quitting is for those who give up, not those who are tired of the same old thing. What I think most Jammers or Bloggers mean is that they're moving on, not giving it up. If that's what you do mean to say, and people call you a quitter, it doesn't mean you're a quitter, it means you can let it go. If you DO quit, then it's just dramatic.                  3) Use. Good. Grammar. If you constantly use text talk and these very confusing emoticons (smiley faces are okay), and I have NO idea what they mean. Some of them look like a bunch of random lines and circles.... Using text talk is just.....no. Just no. People might not understand you, it doesn't make sense, and it can get annoyiiiiiiiinnngggg! I ever hear people actually SAYING "lol", and it sure makes them lucky that I don't own any bricks.           4) Be enthusiastic! Don't sound like you're a boring box of documentaries on the history of yarn. I'm not saying you HAVE to use exclamation marks and all that jazz, just have fun with Blogging!           5) HAVE A UNIQUE STYLE OF BLOGGING! Be different! Readers love those unique Bloggers, not the fakers who want to be the same as other Bloggers! Have fun and Jam On!


  1. Quitters kind of make me feel weird. I mean, you have people who have really popular blogs, and the owners just yawn and give up. Then, you have small blogs that nobody knows about that post every day, and love to blog, but they are not discouraged by lack of pageviews.

    1. Yeah exactly. Many Bloggers "quit" just for publicity. They get all dramatic about it and stuff, then come back two days later. It's really annoying...

    2. I got to agree with that...
      -a very frequent commenter, ilovemyfamily153666

  2. HI!
    I'm just doing this cause i don't want to get mixed up with other people...
    but mostly cause.....

    1. Lumping? Well thank you! I'm trying hard to post and stuff without a computer.

    2. Yes.
      "Lumping" is my quote of Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time.


  3. P.S That was pop20021 who is actually now PandaPantsX3.

  4. I say lol alot :l

  5. exactly. i dont know what XD means. i should look it up:/

    1. XD means to smile widely. Turn it 90 degrees clockwise and you get the face!

    2. BTW you can visit my blog for 10 ways to get a lot of views.
      Thank you!


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